Justin Timberlake Reinvents Scavenger Hunt in '20/20 Experience' Promotion

Popular musical artist, actor hides signed copies of new album, reveals locations on Instagram.
3:20 | 03/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Justin Timberlake Reinvents Scavenger Hunt in '20/20 Experience' Promotion
♪ I'm bringing sexy back yeah ♪ kind of seems like justin timberlake can do no wrong. He got married. Hosted "snl" for like the 85th time. And his new album sold almost a million copies in the first week. He found a unique way to say thank you to his fans. Modern spin on the scavenger hunt and brandi hitt has that story. Hey, brandi. Reporter: Good morning. Yeah, talk about a rush for justin timberlake fans. He hid five signed copies of his album across the u.S. And unleashed a twitter strength si revealing clues on where to find them. ♪ I can't ♪ Reporter: The tweets made lucky fans' dreams come true. I'm so happy. Kind of shocking we really won. ♪ Let me show you a few things ♪ Reporter: These fans didn't walk, they ran when the grammy winning superstar tweeted he was hiding signed copies of his new album "the 20/20 experience" in various places around the u.S. The clues came in the form of instagram photos with the first taken in new york city's central park. Skylar green wasted no time. I just started running from my house which is a few blocks away from central park but I saw the album and was very excited. ♪ I want to see your face light up ♪ Reporter: The finders keepers frenzy kept up in los angeles, san francisco, memphis near timberlake's hometown and chicago. That's great. ♪ Reporter: Abby found one on a park bench. It's a little more special because you know that it came from him. Reporter: There's no doubt the 32-year-old is a music and marketing megastar, as well. Timberlake is no fool. He grew up in this business. Reporter: Leading up to his album's release he performed at the grammys. On "saturday night live." Even appeared on late night with jimmy fallon for a whole week. So it wasn't for nothing. Reporter: And is now stirring up sales through social media. When people are talking about your music and how much they love it and how they want to find copies of it then other people are going to see that and they might go, well, buy a copy. Reporter: And it's working. With nearly 1 million albums sold in the first week. But for the digital generation there's one slight issue. My nex ofow that I have this amazing album on vinyl is get a record player so definitely looking forward to getting it on vinyl. Yeah, he's going to have ask his parents to borrow thash record player. How did timberlake kno people walking by, representatives were hovering nearby and the person who picked it up had to confirm the hashtag timberlake gave in the twitter clue. Very smart. I love that people in this generation don't know what a record is anymore. He might as well put out eight tracks. Seriousry. Justin brought sexy back. He can probably bring record player back. I still have a tape player though. You do? Yeah. I still h one. Do you communica via smoke signals as well? Yes, using sign language and smoke signals. Thanks, brandi. Appreciate it. Coming up this morning -- I gave her a hard time.

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{"id":18845472,"title":"Justin Timberlake Reinvents Scavenger Hunt in '20/20 Experience' Promotion","duration":"3:20","description":"Popular musical artist, actor hides signed copies of new album, reveals locations on Instagram.","url":"/GMA/video/justin-timberlake-reinvents-scavenger-hunt-2020-experience-promotion-18845472","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}