Kanye West files lawsuit over canceled tour

West's touring company, Very Good Touring, claims an insurance company failed to pay them nearly $10 million after the cancellation of West's Saint Pablo Tour.
4:14 | 08/03/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kanye West files lawsuit over canceled tour
We are back with that blockbuster lawsuit from Kanye west, the rapper's erratic behavior causing him to cancel 21 shows landed him in the hospital and now demanding $10 million from his insurance company to pay up for the missed shows. Linsey Davis has details. Reporter: Good morning. Kanye's touring company says it's simple. They paid hundreds of thousands in insurance premiums in the event Kanye was unable to complete his concert tour and say now the insurance company doesn't want to pay up and his use of marijuana is their excuse not to. Kanye west is slapping an insurance company with a multimillion dollar lawsuit. ??? ??? can only make me stronger ??? Reporter: Filed by the touring company for west, very good touring claims Lloyd's of London failed to pay him nearly $10 million after the rapper's "Saint Pablo" tour was canceled last year. Get ready cause the show's over. Reporter: Last November west literally dropped the mic. Weeks after he learned midshow his wife had been robbed in Paris. I'm sorry. There's a family emergency. I have to stop the show. Reporter: Two two days after he was hospitalized for eight days in a neuropsychiatric hospital. In court documents very good touring says west's hospitalization was included in the accidental bodily injury or illness insurance it obtained for his tour. But the insurance company has yet to pay the claim. Kanye might be outrage and everything like that but he did have a physician testify that this was, indeed, real. Reporter: West's medical condition is unknown. But his occasional outbursts have been well documented from his infamous VMA appearance. I'm going to let you finish. I have decided in 2020 to run for president. Reporter: To his meandering heart on his sleeve Ellen confessionals. I'm sorry for the realness. Reporter: The insurance company allegedly says his eccentricities and even mental health aren't a factor. According to west's attorneys, the insurers suggests his medical condition was caused by smoking marijuana. Something west has rapped about in several songs. ??? Just rolled a weed up until I get me some ??? Reporter: In a statement to ABC news Lloyd's of London said we cannot comment on the specifics of this case but the reputation of the market has been built on our meeting obligations quickly and effectively. The touring company says it would like to have a jury settle the matter. Let's talk to Dan Abrams about it. Thank you, linsey. As she said it's simple. He paid a lot of money for insurance. Needs them to pay up. It's not a frivolous lawsuit. The specific contract says accidental injury or illness that prevents him from performing and it has to be signed off by an independent medical official which they say it has been. Also has to be approved by the underwriters. So there is definitely wiggle room there for them to say, okay, even if it's true that an independent doctor signed off on his condition, there are a lot of questions still. How long, remember, he missed something like 21 shows, is the doctor saying that he needed to miss all of them, et cetera. Right, meanwhile, the insurance company is saying, no, this was about Kanye's marijuana use. Is that their best argument? That's what Kanye's team is saying the insurance company did say. My guess it's not in the lawsuit that in the contract there's probably an out for drug use and so the insurance company may be saying, look, if there was drug use here, we don't have to pay. The question is going to be can they demonstrate there was drug use, what kind of drug use, those will be the sorts of issues that will have to be determined both before the case starts and if it ultimately goes to trial. You think this will go to a jury. No, I think it will settle. You know what and Lloyd's is already talking in ways that we tend to mediate these things. These are the things we like to resolve and other insurance companies have paid out here so I would expect that there would be a settlement. But that's clearly what Lloyd's is pushing for in delaying this payout. Okay, Dan Abrams, thanks very much. Robin.

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"West's touring company, Very Good Touring, claims an insurance company failed to pay them nearly $10 million after the cancellation of West's Saint Pablo Tour.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49006375","title":"Kanye West files lawsuit over canceled tour ","url":"/GMA/video/kanye-west-files-lawsuit-canceled-tour-49006375"}