Kate Middleton in Labor

The Duchess of Cambridge was checked into St. Mary's Hospital.
3:14 | 07/22/13

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Transcript for Kate Middleton in Labor
Won't be long before we learn about a future king or queen of england. She went to the hospital about six hours in central london. Look at this crowd growing outside buckingham palace. More than a thousand people waiting for the announcement. The duchess is in a private wing of that hospital right there in central london. She arrived there shortly before 6:00 a.M. London time through a side door. And this morning the queen is at windsor castle and there is prince charles. He's in york this morning. For those who pay attention to this kind of thing, kate did go foo labor during a full moon. Wow. For whatever that is worth. Wow. Whatever that's worth there, lara. Abc's amy robach is outside st. Mary's hospital and has the very latest. Good morning, amy. Reporter: Good morning, and you know what, we saw that full moon last night and we were wondering and, sure enough, at 5:30 this morning we now know that william and kate were driven in by a royal bodyguard to the rear entrance of st. Mary's hospital. No one actually got to see the royal couple so they made their secret entrance. They were admitted shortly there after at 6:00 a.M. 7:30 a.M. We got the official word interest the palace that, yes, kate was, indeed, in the early stages of labor and after weeks of waiting here outside the hospital, it is fair to say that the lindo wing is no longer in limbo. That secret entrance to the hospital took the scores of media waiting outside by surprise. The palace had always indicated that the duchts was due in mid-july. So camera crews from all corners of the globe had been camped outside of the lindo wing at st. Mary's hospital for weeks waiting to catch a glimpse of the royal duo. For an anxious nation word that the duchess is in labor is welcome news. That's why it's been exciting. Hopefully a boy actually. I think the country would be delighted whatever it will be. Reporter: Kate has reportedly been hoping for a natural childbirth and will be shepherded through her labor by a medical dream team headed by renown on very decision dr. Marcus setchell and dr. Alan farthing. Elsewhere in inc. Dmrapdz today proud grandpa-to-be charles was all smiles awaiting word of his first grandchild. As soon as the baby is born, a paper confirming the gender and weight of the heir to the throne will be taken by page from the hospital to buckingham palace and will be shared with the waiting public on an easel placed just inside of the palace gate. How long kate and the baby remain in the hospital is up to the royal couple and their medical team. In the case of princess diana, she stayed in the hospital just one night before stepping down the same steps of st. Mary's that kate is expected to step down with the future monarch in tow. And, george, for so long I've seen these tired long faces, there are nothing but smiles as far as the eye can see despite in 90-degree heat, everybody is full of excitement for this baby.

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{"id":19732111,"title":"Kate Middleton in Labor","duration":"3:14","description":"The Duchess of Cambridge was checked into St. Mary's Hospital.","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middleton-baby-duchess-cambridge-labor-prince-william-19732111","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}