Royal Baby Watch: Life Inside Buckingham Palace

People Magazine's Larry Hackett and Patrick Jephson discuss the royal baby.
5:07 | 07/22/13

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Transcript for Royal Baby Watch: Life Inside Buckingham Palace
companion to the baby in months and years to come. Let's talk to larry hackett, editor of "people" magazine and great to have you here too, patrick. Let me tell you about how the baby will grow up. What is happening in the palace right now? It's a big royal event, you know, the british royal organization has a bit of a reputation for putting on a good show, if you like. It's kind of like constitutional theater. The royal family exists to be seen and seen to be doing its duty. Well, prime constitutional duty is to reproduce and that's what it's doing today. Once the baby is brought home, is there any semblance of normal life for a little prince or princess of cambridge? You might say, george, that being born is the last normal thing that's going to happen to this baby. Wow. A lot of talk about for malt. There already has been, and of the 21st century, royal has to be appear to be normal in some respects. In fact, normal people will relate to it. In truth this will be a life like no other. They serve a term. They serve for life and this little baby is looking forward -- will have to live up a life of extraordinary duty along with any privilege it may enjoy. Larry, that first photo going to rocket around the world. Absolutely, absolutely, I was asking patrick how long it been after diana was on the steps of the lindo wing after giving birth. We're closing ours tomorrow at lunch but if not we'll have -- you can be sure we'll have it. Larry. I know. But move over, surrey cruze. This is going to be the most well watched child in the world. The biggest story in the year. I think it's the most fun story. People enjoyed the wedding. Unlike the brits who have to worry about taxes we get our royals completely pure. All the fairy tale and everybody loves this fairy tale and i think it's going to be wonderful. It's like a resurgence with the royal family. At times people not too crazy about them but right now everyone is in love with them. But, robin, one thing i learned eight years working in that business was that if you stop chasing the popularity aspect then you're getting it wrong. They are not politician, not running for office. They don't require the support of their constituency. Ultimately they have to survive. What they're doing today, they survive. It can be too much of a good thing. Kate seems as popular a royal especially addition as we've seen in recent times. What role is she going to have simply as mother away from the cameras, away from her duties? Well, one of the things that makes kate different from pretty much any other royal mother before her is that she comes from this fantastically strong, happy, home background, that she has what we're told is a very healthy dose of good working class blood in her veins and i think we can already see the benefits of that. I mean historically it's the royal women who have kept the show on the road and kate looks like she's following in that tradition. Uh-huh. We cannot wait. Let's move to a couple other things. We were talking about catherine zeta-jones opening up about the safe haven in her home. Yeah, well if you can afford it you can build a safe haven, a wing -- we have man caves, in her case she has a room she goes to to get away. Part of this came out when she was discussing her manic depression and what she's undergone and she has been very open about this and very public about it. Treated twice publicly that we know and is now kind of opening up about what that meant and noted that the -- one of the more recent waves occurred had her husband got sick which we all know people sometimes fall into this funk when something big happens it them so she's being very open. She found a place to get away. Their relationship is easy-going but unusual and when she feels it coming on, she goes to the wing to watch tv and play with her kids. Been together for 13 years. Something is working. Absolutely. And a lot has happened so you got to give them credit. Something else coming on here. I have not seen this but I'm told the cast of "once upon a time" were making fun of all of us at comic-con. Let's take a look. ♪ good morning, storybrook. These plants, I learned that this week. Good morning, storybook. Oh, come on and try it. ♪ hey, are you feeling okay because we have a doctor on call. That's right. Oh, doctor, what do you prescribe? Thanks, heart and goldie. It's time for bedside manner where the md stands for mm, darling. What happened to my hair? Yeah. I think you have nothing to worry about. Larry and patrick, thank you very much for being here.

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{"id":19733943,"title":"Royal Baby Watch: Life Inside Buckingham Palace","duration":"5:07","description":"People Magazine's Larry Hackett and Patrick Jephson discuss the royal baby.","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middleton-baby-royal-babys-life-inside-buckingham-19733943","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}