Top Middleton Designer to Offer Affordable Styles

Subira Shaw reveals four styles from the Banana Republic Issa London Collection.
3:57 | 07/29/13

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Transcript for Top Middleton Designer to Offer Affordable Styles
Duchess kate established herself as a fashion icon when she wore this blue dress when announcing her engagement. It cost a whopping $800. Now you too can dress like kate for a fraction. Banana republic collection is in stores now. Where are you? You right here? Yeah. Nice to have you here with us. Thank you. This is a big deal. It really is, yes, yes, you know, this collection is wonderful because it brings together two great names, you have banana republic known for massive appeal, very accessible and it's got a safari heritage and east of lon di london which is the duchess of kate's favorite. I love what you're wearing. This is a dress from the collection. I didn't know. I wasn't setting you up. No, it really is. The first one and this is -- okay, remember the engage. Tell us about this and what we'll see. This is iconic. When kate showed up to her royal engagement announcement, it caused a frenzy. This is upwards of $800 itself. No, but now this is from the collection. It's beautiful. This is the royal blue rack dress. It's beautiful. Women are obsessed with the silhouette. It shows off the face beautifully. A little modest with the long sleeves and wraps which is universally flattering. We want to know the price. We want to know how much. 130. Much better. Much better. Right. Still up there but much, much better. And so now, the black and white all the rage. Bringing you back to the waist, cinching off that waist. It's sleeveless, nice length. And then this is the collection dress which is can be worn for so many things and transition it nicely to fall with a leather jacket or blazer. And the price on this one. Is $30. A mere $130. 2 for 2 and the redumber we have here, tell us about this. Kate wore this to are a wedding and see her matching -- this is lovely because it cin cinching in the waist and from the collect, we have this nice one. This is the red wrap knit dress all about the color, that beautiful cherry red tone. When you get to wherever you're going you're saying, I'm here, I've arrived. You can get the party started and wear it to the office or cocktails. And the price for this one, as well is -- only $130. 130. Ah. Thank you. And the last one, this is a little daring for kate. Yes, yes, plunging neckline but still kate is known for having a cool modest city. That sleeve really shows off the skin that she is show. So. we have the printed kimono dress bringing you an exotic, coral anbrown and wraparound the waist cuts out an hourglass shape and beautiful tran decision. Tights and booties. And I would imagine is -- can we see the price on that? 140. Very reasonable. Thank you very much and, again, all available at banana republic. This is a sneak peek of getting a chance to see it. August 8th it hits online and your select banana republic stores. Go to our website at goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! For other looks.

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{"id":19802684,"title":"Top Middleton Designer to Offer Affordable Styles","duration":"3:57","description":"Subira Shaw reveals four styles from the Banana Republic Issa London Collection.","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middleton-fashion-issa-london-banana-republic-offer-19802684","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}