Kate Middleton Pregnant: Impact on Royal Family

ABC News' Jeffrey Kofman on the future of the royal couple's unborn child.
6:15 | 12/03/12

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Transcript for Kate Middleton Pregnant: Impact on Royal Family
This is a special hopefuls from ABC news now. Hello everyone I'm Tanya Rivero and New York we're bringing you an ABC news now special report the latest from London. The House of Windsor may need a new -- -- princess Kate Middleton is -- and after months of tabloid speculation and rumor the royal family has confirmed today. That the duke and duchess of Cambridge are expecting. Joining us now from London for the first of what a short to be many royal babies hats is Jeffrey -- Jeffrey good afternoon. What are great afternoon it is -- royal watchers get out the baby booties in the bassinet yes we have a royal pregnancy I can't say that a lot of us are surprised. But it is now official the palace confirming that the duke and duchess of Cambridge expecting their first born child. Very exciting news but just what is -- medical situation at the moment is -- serious. It's serious I think I'm him. I think many many women who have been through this we'll understand she has -- -- morning sickness she was. Hospitalized. Today -- king Edward the seventh hospital here in London. They were hoping to keep this a little secret for a little while longer -- The morning sickness which is a serious matter seems to be quite acute as as you know she's very thin and and and so if it's her her body is particularly vulnerable it seems. She's now being hydrated. Her husband. Duke of Cambridge also known as Prince William is at her side she was at her family's. Buckle -- state outside of London this weekend with her parents. When the morning sickness hit William was elsewhere but rushed to her side and took her went with her to the hospital. So Jeffrey. Then twelve weeks -- just the sort of the traditional time when you can start telling people. We know what's earlier than twelve weeks there in fact. They've said that they -- that they were really waiting for the twelve week mark before they were going to announce it to the world but as you can imagine in this. City with very few secrets when that -- duchess of Cambridge the most watched woman in the world. Is -- admitted to the hospital you just know you can't keep that secret and so very wisely the palace. Decided to announce it publicly they won't say. Just how much earlier than twelve weeks it is though. Right they're not being specific now of course these rumors have been swirling for awhile we've heard about the -- the princess turning down a glass of wine. Do any of those look telling in retrospect. Well you know I was actually say I I was actually looking through some of the that that the date book and and I think there was some talk when they were in 2 -- in the Pacific on that tour and -- I think that was September 18 they're so. That -- she refused a glass of wine but. I don't think that she could have known by them in my right. A little early -- it that would have been a little premature so you know it. I I frankly think this speculation been going on all right here so. At some point all the speculation was bound to be right wasn't. Absolutely but I I do say it is a little unused well that means having been pregnant wife myself morning sickness that sends you to the hospital is a bit unusual -- lot of women go through obviously severe morning sickness but. It is a bit extreme to be in the hospital -- for several days of course we're certainly. Hoping that she is not seriously -- But I do ask you about to -- laws on the books there now because I know there's been talk that the -- would scrap. Those laws that guarantee only the first born son becomes the air. To the throne and if it's a baby girl what are the odds now that she's the future queen because. I had my understanding is that -- -- the ink is still not dry on this new law. Well he hit -- -- a couple of answers that question when you're talking about the La prima janitor which goes back to. Good because I think it's fourteen -- which means that if there's a younger son at an older daughter. Then the younger son becomes queen king in the in the older daughter house to to. Let her her younger brother go ahead -- ahead of her line that. The queen Queen Elizabeth the Second already made it clear in speaking to parliament earlier this year that that laws going to be scrapped. Of the commonwealth heads the government of already approved scrapping that law there's some formalities the British parliament to go through but I think the odds are about a 100%. That weather boy or girl this will be an heir to the than the next air after. Prince Charles and her father Prince William to the throne or his father. Depending on that the sex of this child now. That's the other thing you gotta keep in mind he brought to others ahead -- This new infant in line he. This Prince Charles -- is in his sixties. William is barely thirty. And what exactly is Charles gonna become king when his William would become king. You know it's hard to imagine talking about William passing on when he hasn't even. Become king you know we're talking sixty years from now potentially. What -- -- in 2012 we're talking about this this baby could be you know if William -- lived to be about ninety we're talking about this baby becoming king or queen and the year 2072. -- just you know we sent me a postcard athletes at a -- that. A long long way away but -- or hurt his or her grandfather Prince Charles knows all about long -- -- that's right it's certainly fun to look into the future and looking into the future. But a much closer date we have any idea when she made -- do of course we don't know exactly how far -- -- but let's see around you. That's well. Let's do it let's do -- the math on our fingers here -- in December January February march April. May June and -- I'm thinking about yeah early summer babies does not -- since may June how not whether first for taking a stroll with the bassinet we're also excited can't wait to see the pictures of the new royal nursery -- store they will be -- -- Who will be hearing -- you'll be hearing so much more about SI I guarantee it. Everything you don't want to thank you so much Jeff and off Randy.

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{"id":17868810,"title":"Kate Middleton Pregnant: Impact on Royal Family","duration":"6:15","description":"ABC News' Jeffrey Kofman on the future of the royal couple's unborn child.","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middleton-pregnant-impact-royal-family-17868810","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}