Kate Middleton's Maternity Fashion for Less

Duchess of Cambridge has continued to impress fashionistas during her pregnancy.
4:45 | 06/27/13

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Transcript for Kate Middleton's Maternity Fashion for Less
It's our baby oh, royal baby week. We know princess kate is a good bargain shopper. We're going to show you how to get the best of her maternity looks. But diana perez has her style story. Reporter: For nine months of pregnancy, she's been dazzling us with her style. Kate as a newly-engaged woman. Blushing bride. And radiant newlywed. She likes clean lines. Very simple, very classic looks. She doesn't like anything fussy or grilly. It was a rocky start to the beginning of the pregnancy. But in weeks, she bounced back in style. Appear next to david beckham. Again, by john, she was setting off a cape dress, which she wore from international jean store, zara. In april, she wowed in what many consider aerofirst maternity dress. While ever fashion conscious, she has won legions for being conscience. Some of the duds from the gap. This blue dress, $40. And this poke dotted dress, it comes from top shop. That dress is sold out before the day's out. Reporter: Then, there are her shoes. With the baby onboard, kate's been rooking boots, wedges and l.K. Bennett heels. This month, she showed no signs of slowing down. Dazzling in the color combination of the season, black and white. I think new moms will look to kate middleton as a trend setter. Reporter: For "good morning america," diana perez, news, new york. You think kate's style has gone from inexpensive to top dollar. And loribu bergamotto is here. Iminspired by kate. Tried to dress the part. We're going to talk about the polka dotted dress. It was top shot. She made it the hottest accessory. We want to show our model. The jacket and the polka dots. We kept everything in black and white. And the cross jacket, also available at kohl's, it's very flattering. She does have a little baby bump. Our models are pregnant. All of our models are legitimately pregnant. This nooex dress was designed for kate. It's a little more pricey. It is gorgeous. We wanted to find something similar. We did that at ann taylor. It's that waistline, empire. And that you can wear while you're pregnant or after you're pregnant. That's available from ann taylor. Thank you very much. And we saw the coat in the piece. It was all the rage. It really is. What I love about this coat. What I love about this is it's $1,800. But you can get it, we found it, for under $100. At ann taylor. And a lot of regular system shy away from bold colors. We love that kate embraced the gold colors. She looks great in that there. Thank you very much. And our final model, this is the flurl. The flurl printed dress. Our model, we found this on yahoo! It's finding that solid color. And that's what does it. Can all of the moms come out? The key is using her for inspiration. Not only when you're pregnant. But a style icon flu her pregnancy and beyond. Thank you, late dis, very much. Will, will, thank you, as well.

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{"id":19505733,"title":"Kate Middleton's Maternity Fashion for Less","duration":"4:45","description":"Duchess of Cambridge has continued to impress fashionistas during her pregnancy.","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middleton-pregnant-maternity-clothes-fashions-19505733","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}