Royal Baby Highlights Differences Between British, US Births

Universal health care and natural childbirth are just two of many areas where two countries differ.
3:18 | 07/10/13

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Transcript for Royal Baby Highlights Differences Between British, US Births
Willing case now just days away as our countdown continues. -- they welcome a little boy or girl. We're learning more this morning about how different it is to give birth in Britain compared to hear ABC's the article entry -- -- the story from a lot and then. The future monarch is due to be born any day now. Saint Mary's hospital in West London is preparing for duchess -- delivery in the same wing where Princess Diana gave birth. It's -- yeah. The biggest difference. All prenatal care and -- in the UK it's free and while using too obese for delivery most limiting use -- through the whole process. ABC news one of -- near Victoria Murphy is do the same kind of hate. Doesn't quite a lot of emphasis on the content on the putting two and price tag team takes out. In the -- we aim for natural childbirth as much as -- spoke with -- intervention as possible. In fact once labor starts mini pay hospitals encourage giving birth without anesthesia. Using as little pain medication as possible. At the girls are less frequent and patients are often laughing gas -- birthing -- to reduce pain. C section rates are three times higher in the US -- in the UK. But the C section rate at Roosevelt hospital in New York City is much lower than the national average. As the city's only in hospital birthing center they encourage -- natural childbirth. -- natural is the way that women were designed to have babies. Less complications. Faster recovery as long as the person who is attending the birth. Is educated and supports the body and the woman and her twice there. Yeah that's what extent. An experience in new mom or mom who never forgets. Good Morning America at -- on -- military -- ABC news London. Gases -- staying in -- had a talk more about it ABC news senior medical contributor doctor Jennifer Ashton. I think midwives yes. Not common here they're coming. -- absolutely they they have much more access to midwives there we need more in this country I actually had the privilege of training. With the largest midwest -- group in New York City I worked side by side with them but there's a lot of myths and misconceptions about their lives people think oh -- -- natural -- obstetrician equals. Every intervention and in reality. It's very blended midwives can will and do use at the girl's -- -- antibiotics they recommend C sections. The only difference is they can't actually perform the major surgery. And keep what you have to -- GY and sell ads and I want I like to ask Jesse -- yeah. And also. -- -- fewer C sections over in Britain watch that we're not sure I mean you know they have much fewer deliveries and we do in this country but again they used a lot more midwives and even better approach in a certain sense -- -- natural low intervention. Where we do a lot of interventions here and you know this is usually a process that once that train leaves the station. The left intervention the better when it's necessary it's necessary and sometimes isn't it's -- -- -- I think.

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{"id":19625752,"title":"Royal Baby Highlights Differences Between British, US Births","duration":"3:18","description":"Universal health care and natural childbirth are just two of many areas where two countries differ.","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middleton-pregnant-royal-baby-highlights-differences-british-19625752","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}