'Pressure' to Deliver: All Eyes on Kate's Parenting Role

While some hope for a 1-year maternity leave, others hope Duchess returns focus to royal duties.
3:03 | 07/17/13

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Transcript for 'Pressure' to Deliver: All Eyes on Kate's Parenting Role
We august, we may have a royal baby. Oh. She felt like all of britain was in labor with her when she was waiting for prince william. And with kate due, it must feel like the world is with them. Bianna golodryga on the watch in london. Good morning, bianna. Reporter: The royal contraction watch, george, is what I'm on. No sign of baby. No sign of kate. And to say that people here are anxious is an understatement. One person tweeted here, all together, now, push. Everyone is waiting for this baby to come out. There's so much pressure on kate to deliver, we wonder how much pressure she would face as a new mom. The countdown continues. Any day, kate will deliver. On tuesday, more photograph everphotographers set up camp at st. Mary's. But members of the press aren't the only ones shining the spotlight on the duchess. Now, kate is getting attention from a whole new and unlike lie group. Women's rights advocates. What do you expect to see from kate? There's a little pressure on kate. People of our generation are looking for her to set an example. Reporter: Among the things feminists are watching, how much time kate takes off from her royal duties, including making official appearances and overseeing charities. In britain, women are entitled to a full year of maternity leave without fear of losing their jobs. British moms say they would like the example kate would set if she took the year off. I like to spend as much time as I can. Definitely. I think the first year of any child's life is so crucial. Reporter: But hard-liners say she won't be showing she's serious about her career unless she returns to royal duty sooner. As diana did. She went on a major royal tour when william was barely crawling. Kate will be scrutinized for how many or how few nannies she employs. Many moms hope that she sends a message that she's a hands-on mom by using as little help as possible. I would recommend, if she wants to not do it herself and look after it. She's got the time. Reporter: And then, there's breast-feeding. Last month, a british journal caused a flap when they suggested that kate publicly nurse the royal baby. It's so difficult for a young royal mother. It goes with the territory that every interest group in the country will say, why aren't you following my agenda? Reporter: At the end of the day, experts say she will be watched most closely for her mothering skills. The best thing she can give her child as a mum, is an if you like. Reporter: It's highly unlikely she will be breast-feeding in public. But an interesting nugget for you guys. If this baby is born today, he or she will share a birthday with her step-grandmother, camilla, duchess of cornwall. Have to wonder what diana would think of that.

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{"id":19686590,"title":"'Pressure' to Deliver: All Eyes on Kate's Parenting Role","duration":"3:03","description":"While some hope for a 1-year maternity leave, others hope Duchess returns focus to royal duties.","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middleton-pregnant-royal-baby-watch-eyes-kates-19686590","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}