Royal Photog Readies to Capture Perfect Moment of New Heir

Chris Jackson will be responsible for some of the most-viewed photos in the world.
2:20 | 07/16/13

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Transcript for Royal Photog Readies to Capture Perfect Moment of New Heir
index" this morning is the royal baby watch. We've been talking about it all day, every day. Will and kate's little boy or girl is expected any moment. And there's one man who will be captured a lot of the first moments. Any moment now. She is on contraction watch. Lama hasan introduces you toe bind hoo man behind the lens. Reporter: The biggest hint was dropped by camilla, the duchess of cornwall, saying the baby's arrival could be at any moment. Wish you all well. He or she will be here. Reporter: The royal grandparents to be, charles and camilla, getting practice for their imminent role. Royal baby watch is at a fever pitch. The at last time I remember excitement like this was around the royal wedding. And this royal baby is going to come toward that. Reporter: Chris jackson has been spending years photographing will and kate privately. William and catherine are a couple in love. William's been protective of catherine. Reporter: And he shot some of the most iconic photos of them, including this one at their wedding. I was right there. They looked straight at me. At that moment, they posed at the top stories. Reporter: Jackson had one of the most coveted jobs on the planet. I took an official portrait. It was great to see her looking at my cture. That was good there. Reporter: He has some incredible access, getting to know the royal couple away from the camera. Including one day when william stepped behind the lens. William got behind the camera, in front of the camera. And he felt more relaxed behind the camera. Reporter: Soon, you can add baby kim bridge to that list of royals, as he or she will be the most photographed baby in the world. And you know what? We were just talking. With first babies, you can't tell. I remember waking up, going, is it today? If the baby gets too big, it's dangerous. Guess who is sitting beside me again. Rob lowe. might be a "heat index" by

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{"id":19677617,"title":"Royal Photog Readies to Capture Perfect Moment of New Heir","duration":"2:20","description":"Chris Jackson will be responsible for some of the most-viewed photos in the world.","url":"/GMA/video/kate-middleton-pregnant-royal-photog-readies-capture-perfect-19677617","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}