Kathy Griffin Helps Assistant Shed Pounds

Hollywood stars cheer on close confidants in support of weight-loss goals.
4:25 | 01/04/13

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Transcript for Kathy Griffin Helps Assistant Shed Pounds
We've been setting fitness goals all week, with incredible stories from "people" magazine's half my size issue. We met people from across the country who have collectively lost more than 1,000 pounds. Today, we head to hollywood, where abc's nick watt has the story of two people inspired by their celeb bosses. Take a look. Reporter: Kathy griffin is 54 years of age and loves nothing more than a skimpy two-piece. I'm a bikini model, nick. I don't know what you call your job. But I'm a professional bikini model who does some comedy on the side. Reporter: No, I mean, the pictures are great. Reporter: Now, meet tiffany. Kathy's long-suffering assistant. You've never worn a bikini? I've been heavy my whole life. When working for her, along came a reality show. When the show started airing and I was watching it, I'm like, wow, I'm fat. And I need to do something about it. Reporter: This is tiffany before and after. You lost almost kathy's entire body weight. I lost about 80 pounds there. Reporter: She dropped nearly 90 pounds. Tiffany lost it slow and gradual, becoming a story line on griffin's reality show and her talk show. I think you can have anything, as long as the portions -- Reporter: I think that's a problem with this country. Yeah. Portion size. Reporter: Too generous. Everything gets dipped in 150-calorie per dip. Reporter: That's john lloyd taylor. Guitarist with the jonas Here he is, performing with them, on "good morning america." ♪ I'm hot ♪ Reporter: But at his peak, john tipped the scales at a whopping 360 pounds. We made a 3d movie at one point. It's 3d. And I'm this huge, 3d guy. And I'm thinking to myself, I'm going to look like a monster in this. I'm going to be scary. Kids are going to cry in the movie theater when they see me. Reporter: John just lost nearly half his body weight with the help and inspiration of his buff buddy, joe jonas. Joe gently encour john to workout, eat right and just get healthy. Joe's always doing push-ups. Encouraging everybody else to do it, too. Reporter: You and joe doing push-ups. Before we go on stage. Reporter: That's not very rock 'n' roll. Not at all. But feeling good and looking good on stage is. All right. Joining us now on more with how you can meet your new year's goal to lose weight, get fit and strange your life, is the host of "extreme makeover: Weight loss edition," and author of "choose to lose," chris powell. Both of these stories had a celeb pal. How important is it to have a support network, whether or not it's a celebrity? A support system is key. We need people for motivation, for accountability. For that emotional support. Support systems are incredible. If I could have any other incredible tip to give, reach out to people online. There's fitness communities that are just waiting to bring us in. Walking groups. Yoga groups. Tennis clubs. It's out there, waiting for us. Really quick. I want to get to the question of the day. This is from devon in kentucky, who just had a baby. What are some ways I can start losing the baby weight? It has to be something she can do at home with the baby. First and foremost, congratulations. This is so cool. Start walking. That's the best place to actually begin. Start walking. It's cold outside. You can walk indoors. Walk in place while you're watching your favorite sitcom. That's 30 minutes of exercise. We're going to start right now. That's excite. Speaking of jumpstarting, should we talk about the movement of the day. Move of the day? You can see more on "20/20." I'm going to keep walking because I'm jumpstarting my january. 20/20" has incredible stories. You want to check that out tonight. 10:00, 9:00 central. Ten seconds. We call it the skier combo. Downhill skiing. And cross country skiing. Downhill seeing. And cross country skiing. Jumping back and forth. Live from wcvb tv channel 5

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{"id":18131134,"title":"Kathy Griffin Helps Assistant Shed Pounds","duration":"4:25","description":"Hollywood stars cheer on close confidants in support of weight-loss goals.","url":"/GMA/video/kathy-griffin-celebrities-lend-weight-loss-tips-associates-18131134","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}