Katie Couric Teases Season 2 of Her Show 'Katie'

Fans can expect all kinds of great surprises as host prepares for new season of her talk show.
3:55 | 09/09/13

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Transcript for Katie Couric Teases Season 2 of Her Show 'Katie'
couric back to "gma." Second season of "katie" premiers today. I see something on there? Oh, yeah, yeah. I know you heard the news. That I am betroeted. Engages to be married. An exciting development in my life. And john is pulling a surprise today in the open. He might pop in, much to his chagrin. It retiquired a little bit of a push from our staff. I didn't know he was showing up. So it was kind of cute. It's all kinds of surprises. You were surprised by the proposal. I was. We had been going out for almost a year and a half. I thought prerp probably moving in that direction. Or not. It was sort of -- it came out of the blue a little bit. We hadn't really discussed it much recently. I had kind of tabled the whole thing. I all that, we'll see what happened. I guess he didn't. He was scheming in a stealthy way. Finding the ring. He did it on his own. At the last minute, he brought if a wing woman to give it the seal of approval. It was a shock to me. An exciting shock. ? We're happy for you. These a great guy. He really likes you, too. Tell us about the season. You want to have meaningful conversations. I think there is so much fluff on television now. I think our mantra is talk that matters. We want to take important and interesting issues. Cultural trends or topical subjects and explore them further in a deeper and meaningful way. People decides not to kr children. The birthrate is the lowest in history. Sexual assault on college campuses. Why administrations turn a blind eye to complaints and allegations. Race in america. A whole show on the events of last summer about rates in america. I think when we can and when we can do it well and get the right people to have the conversation, we want to go deeper. You talked about gun violence as well. I was so shocked to see that story of l'il wayne and his mom pulling him out of high school once he started to become famous. Take a look at this. She saw me putting my gun in my backpack. She said, you got to bring that to school with you? I said, you don't want me to bring it? She looked, she thought about it and she said, I do. So I put it back in my bag. She's like, put it in your bag. Because she bought it for me. She's like, you do need it. She was still on the phone. Two minutes later, she walked back to my room and said, you don't go to school no many. You're getting a g.E.D. I said, okay. That gives you insight what it was like to grow up in the part of noew orleans that wayne carter, l'il wayne, had to grow up in. Health scares. Spending time in jail. We're the oddest couple on the planet. I just connect to him. You're going to have a lot of fun, as well. There's a movie, "the family." Michelle pfeiffer, robert de niro. Hugh jackman, julianne moore. I want to have great c conversations with them as well. I'm lucky. The time we have affords me the ability to get to know these people and reveal something people don't know about them.

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{"id":20199457,"title":"Katie Couric Teases Season 2 of Her Show 'Katie'","duration":"3:55","description":"Fans can expect all kinds of great surprises as host prepares for new season of her talk show.","url":"/GMA/video/katie-couric-teases-season-show-katie-20199457","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}