Katie's Ex-TV Husband Bryant Gumbel Stops By

Bryant Gumbel and Jane Pauley discuss the past and the very promising future
3:00 | 11/27/13

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Transcript for Katie's Ex-TV Husband Bryant Gumbel Stops By
And -- and -- worked together in the ninety's on The Today Show but before I arrived on the scene can't another -- -- And even though Bryant I want you -- for myself I'm willing to Sherry. Okay please welcome Bryant's former co anchor the wonderful change on. Remain friends and -- what do you remember most about working with Bryant. -- Oh he was so fast. So you -- scary Smart with the weekend. And trying to keep up with him but impeccably prepared his notes would be printed -- tiny beautiful. I need frilly collars. -- color -- color coded and whatever is -- -- he was wearing that today. His from his pen collection matched what are you -- -- with you -- thank you does it match your. -- -- -- -- Yeah -- on this hello weak commander rolled dance again didn't. Out and yeah yeah gesture made -- and in this area actually think about our current I was think about the other day. When we start together -- -- April where her first -- I believe you were. 29. McCain and I was 32 well. I mean they believe me he's -- we were kids we were really just kids. Now coming home -- UP EUI know appear on The Today Show every now and then Al Hakim about her net. Re imagining your life and you're writing a book about that the book is that -- -- it's a baby -- -- that the printers. Is going to be born in January. If I'm not mistaken that's going to be born on your birthday real. January 7 as I -- I just found that out -- yes and I let it out. Your life's calling are re imagining the rest of -- life and if so -- you know what did you hear Mike Tyson talking earlier at the age of 47. I am I'm your 65 I'm 63 and fifty cent to fifty group felt that's all another. -- feel that told that 29 year old me that it was gonna get better. That the best was. Fifties. And -- I would be 63 and still think about my possibilities. Where the first generation the boomers. For home this is -- that general heads up. With what is that it's going to be longer get ready you know it's not just about read we don't retire. We retire to something so. So yes it is ninety excite yeah I'd say it's people who have been Aaron -- -- and -- -- the way good luck with the -- making a -- back and chain wearing when it comes it comes out. And I -- Time blasting and that come back anytime you have an open invitation.

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{"id":21030840,"title":"Katie's Ex-TV Husband Bryant Gumbel Stops By","duration":"3:00","description":"Bryant Gumbel and Jane Pauley discuss the past and the very promising future","url":"/GMA/video/katies-tv-husband-bryant-gumbel-stops-21030840","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}