Kelly Ripa on Her 'Live' Co-Host Michael Strahan

Ripa talks about Strahan's hosting ability and her early mornings with 'GMA' anchors.
2:59 | 01/23/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kelly Ripa on Her 'Live' Co-Host Michael Strahan
We want to check in with kelly ripa. Are you there? I'm here, sam. Good morning. What is happening right now? What is happening right now is nothing. We were in the middle of the restoration process which takes a team of about 18 people that are no longer -- they don't want to be seen on camera. So I'm just reading the soap opera magazines. I was watching this morning. What did you think of michael? I think he's the greatest gift ever to morning television. As you know, I just love him. I thought he was amazing. Didn't you love working with him? Fantastic. And he came to play. Michael, can you hear us? We're all overhe place, this network television. Cameras in cars, kelly's dressing room. Michael, can you hear us? Are you there? Okay, we're live everywhere but we don't have a connection everywhere. Hello. I hear you. He's pretending to not hear us. He's taking a nap. This is the most sleep he'll get. I hear everything she's saying. I hear everything you're saying, can you hear me? Hi, michael. You have this chemtry. What is the secret of making this show chrks was already incredibly successful, a human success with the to of you? Um, well, you know, we can never judge chemistry. Even talks about it. We don't know what that means. We know we like each other an awful lot. We like to hang out together. Everything he says makes me laugh. Everything he says puts a smile on my face. He really is so game. Michael, I don't mean the talk about you like you're not there. You're in a car. It seems like you're not there. He's game. He's up for anything. Willing to try anything. He just makes us want to be better. The moment on the show, the audience fell in love with him, dustin hoffman comes over to talk to him. He's got that "it" that thing. Michael, you have that thing, my friend, that people just love watching you. They do. It's true. Kelly, what's on the show today? We, like you, also have jason statham. He'll be here and christine baranski. I don't know if you have had this performer on your show yet, ali murs? I don't know. We have. We have. He's incredible. I saw him at jingle ball with my daughter. My daughter, who is going to be the next great musical agent of our time, she said, you've got to get him on your show. He's a great singer. I'm afraid of her. I said, I'll do my best. Kelly's daughter who sounds like a 60-year-old woman now. Apparently. Where did the karaoke thing

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{"id":18291760,"title":"Kelly Ripa on Her 'Live' Co-Host Michael Strahan","duration":"2:59","description":"Ripa talks about Strahan's hosting ability and her early mornings with 'GMA' anchors. ","url":"/GMA/video/kelly-ripa-live-host-michael-strahan-18291760","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}