Rowland on Abusive Ex-Boyfriend, Beyonce Jealousy

Former Destiny's Child member chats about getting personal on her emotional new album.
5:48 | 06/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rowland on Abusive Ex-Boyfriend, Beyonce Jealousy
Also burning up "the heat index" this morning is kelly rowland. The five-time grammy winner has a new album. We're going to hear live from her in a moment. First, here's a look at kelly's incredible career. ♪ Reporter: One-third of one of the biggest girl groups of all-time, miss kelly rowland has stepped into the spotlight and hasn't looked back since. The grammy winning songstress has released her fourth solo album, entitled "talk a good game." And her sexy album cover, more than enough to get everyone talking. But then, last month, she released her emotionally honest single, "dirty laundry." It's a bittersweet tale that reveals her complicated relationship with beyonce. ♪ I was in her shadow ♪ Reporter: And details about a different and abusive relationship with an ex. ♪ I was battered he hit the window like it was me ♪ Reporter: Her emotional rendition of the song leaving a crowd in washington, d.C. On their feet last month. Proving just how much of a survivor kelly really is. ♪ I will survive keep on surviving ♪ survivor and a thriver. Here to shot about her new album, "talk a good game" r&b superstar, kelly rowland. I haven't seen you since the oscars. We got to co-host together. It really has been a pleasure. Thank you. Want to talk to you about -- you really are not only walking the walk, talking the talk, you're opening up about so much. Why was that important for you to do? It was just a part of the record. You know, the way the record came together. I went in the studio with so many wonderful writers and producers. And we were all just in a place where we wanted to be honest. And that was so important to bring to this record. I don't think I've ever really done that. And dream was so adamant about it. I think people should know what's underneath. We sometimes say that music is supposed to be something that we can all share and grow and learn from. That's what I love about artists I look up to. We saw it, you broke down performing. It's also been reported that also in the studio, you really -- it was a release for you. It was. It took me like a day to get through that song. But I think when you go back and you think about what's happened so long and the place where i was, and where I've come from, i think that's where some of the tears are for. And crying for the younger me. And thinking I wish I could have told myself then. But I love the fact that I was able to just be there o stage. You know, people didn't judge me for it. And about a difficult topic. You reveal in the song "dirty laundry" that you had an ex-boyfriend that was physically abusive. That's hard to talk about. Hard to sing about. Abuse is bad, period. And I think that any woman who goes through anything like that, you know, like so far, when i shared the song with people live, so many girls come up to me with their own stories. And they have incredible stories about where they've been and how far they've come. And I'm so happy that I'm being a part of a moment that can help them. You know what I mean? I love that about music. We love it, too. And everybody right now has a very special treat. Kelly's been kind enough to give us the world premier of the video that has everybody talking. Here's your first look at "dirty laundry," everybody. ♪ Feeling it like a bird in a cage ♪ ♪ you would never know what I was dealing with ♪ ♪ went our separate ways but I was happy ♪ you were saying you were crying when you were making that. I think it's important to show real emotion. And in the video, that's just -- it happened. And we're going through take after take. And okay, guys. That's enough. I think you all like to watch the tears come down my face. The song addresses your relationship with beyonce. One of the lyrics, while my sister was on stage, I was enraged. Were you jealous of beyonce? That line is so misunderstood. But the crazy thing about that time, about the song, I was going through my own personal battle. So, when she's doing her thing, I'm thinking, what am I going to do next? I'm going through this relationship. I'm smiling for people in public. And so much, you know, pain and thinking about what I want for myself. And just wanting more. You know? And the song turned out something so positive for me in the end. And I'm happy it did.

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{"duration":"5:48","description":"Former Destiny's Child member chats about getting personal on her emotional new album.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19435697","title":"Rowland on Abusive Ex-Boyfriend, Beyonce Jealousy","url":"/GMA/video/kelly-rowland-interview-destinys-child-member-abusive-boyfriend-19435697"}