Kerry Washington Is Getting 'Scandalous'

"Scandal" premieres its new season and the star of the show, Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington, is live in Times Square.
6:28 | 09/24/15

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Transcript for Kerry Washington Is Getting 'Scandalous'
That's right, we all know tgit is back. Already trending on Twitter. Come on, because the posters for tonight's season five premiere says it all. Ooh, look at that. Uh-huh. Olivia and Fitz final together at last. Kerry Washington is here to tell us all about it but again she cops bearing gifts with a sneak peek. Take a look. Okay. See you on the flip side. Working together. An international incident. Let's. Oh. Good-bye, mister. ? Just to hear you say ? Last chance. Wow. Would you give it up for K. Dub. It happens every time I come here. It's because I stalk you and dress accordingly. It's the other way around. ? At last ? That's right. Olivia and Fitz together. We saw on the balcony at the end of last season. Uh-huh and people keep asking about that one commercial where 60's. Little bit of cloud cover. Ise sunenshi near 70 at coast . Rrow, not as warm, only in the 60's and a cool start to your weekend. Olessa: It is still pretty slow if you're heading out the door rightow. N crasa H on 93. Heavy all the way down to the connector. Anid aovenccyert bhe T pike. The expressway, 30, 35 braintree to Boston. Erika: Thank you. We're back at 8:56. If you are heading out, you can watch the latest newscenter 5 newscast right now or anytime on the WCVB mobile app. All around this wonderful woman, Shonda. I know. Who has created so much. What do we not know about her? What don't you know about Shonda? Shonda is -- Shonda loves fashion. She loves fashion. And she has got a great sense of humor. And you know what, she's a truly generous heart. When I think about all of us getting together for that huge portrait of all three casts all of us in a room together we all got to be there in our gowns and tuxedos and hair and makeup because Shonda had an idea and put it on the page and all of the brilliant writers that she works with. Yeah, I've been there on set and have seen everyone in action and it's true, when she walks out there on set, everybody is like the president is there. We should have theme music for her when she walks in the room like the president. You look beautiful at the emmys. Thank you. It was so touching to see how you were moved when viola Davis, her acceptance speech. What was going flew your mind? It was such a tremendous thing. It was a great night for Thursday nights on ABC because Regina king won for "American cripple crime" then viola for "How to get away with murder" and it was just a wonderful night to be a woman and a woman of color working in this golden age of television. It was so special and so special of viola Davis to be so inclusive in her speech and give all of us shout-outs and to really talk about progress, you know, because I know for me, like you know we're going into our fifth season but when I first started when we first started in our first season all anybody wanted to talk about was that there hasn't been a black woman as a lead in a network show in 40 years and now everywhere you turn there are black women on every network championing shows and so, you know, if you let us in the room, we can get the job done. You just need to let us in the room. Like viola said give us an opportunity. That's right. Before we turn the tables I'm trying to take up time so we don't have to do this. No, no, no. This is very important to you and told you I'll be there tonight. I want to talk about the purple purse campaign. Thank you, yes, the allstate purple purse foundation has this amazing initiative where for the second year in a row I have designed a bag and it's a purple purse because purple is the color for domestic violence awareness and a purse is the center of a woman's financial domain. It's where your car key, house key, wallet, cell phone, everything lives in your purse so a purple purse is to help raise awareness around financial abuse, the number one reason women stay in abusive relationships and why they go back when they leave is because they don't have a sense of financial freedom and so this is really about empowering women to take control of their livelihood and finances and lives. People don't talk about that. Okay, I did leave a little time tore this but that was very important to get that in. Thank you. Just give it a crank. I have two questions. The first one is from your staff here. Uh-oh. If it were up to you to come up with a role for yourself on "Scandal," what would it be and answer well because Shonda might be watching. You got pull there. I know some people. I think I know why they're asking this. They saw me at Halloween, I was as Olivia pope. I want to be your evil twin sister. I love it. I love it. Yes, yes. The only problem is you're way too nice. You're way too nice. It's just us rolling around in the bed and I said, you know at of last season, he said what D woe do now and Olivia sar we want so I guess whatever they want is a lo rolling around in bed. We did see that. You were even surprised with the season, that it wasuite -- I know you can't tell us too much but -- What's funny, I think like with any other relationship, in television we tend to think when two people come together that's the end, but in life when two people come together that's the beginning and so it turns out E shame is true on "Scandal." More chapters to be written. Whole other story. It was lovely seeing you and others on the cover "Essence" Her cover was beautiful. Viola Davis, all the cast, it was fun. For the -- Thank you so much. For the unveiling of the purple purse. And a heads-up for wearing purple. I am too so there you go. Our usual trend. Always wonderful to have K. Dub here. Watch the season premiere of "Scandal" tonight, tonight, we got to get back in time from the reception on 9:00 here on ABC.

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{"duration":"6:28","description":"\"Scandal\" premieres its new season and the star of the show, Olivia Pope, played by Kerry Washington, is live in Times Square.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34003208","title":"Kerry Washington Is Getting 'Scandalous'","url":"/GMA/video/kerry-washington-scandalous-34003208"}