Kevin Bacon on Playing 'The Following's Hero, Plays New Song

From his musical to acting talent, ?The Following? star shows Peter Travers that he can do it all.
8:29 | 03/29/13

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Transcript for Kevin Bacon on Playing 'The Following's Hero, Plays New Song
It's a problem drinker. Yes thank can be -- -- -- there's. And I -- -- -- healthy relationships not my thing I don't trust is usually. Point that have a point. And I'm trying here. -- around this place and I don't know the person who lives here it's certainly not -- -- I've been working for the last couple weeks and I know that you don't want any of Joseph Carroll or in this case that. I think you may need it. And I I need you. Stop using it. So call me. Lamberty said this morning. And -- cheer me up. -- -- -- -- You've got engaged him friends -- -- connection to Carol. Let me just. Get a shower we gotta go downtown and I don't argue. Of the two big roles you you could've been Joe Cala you could've been the serial killer or you could've been Ryan hardy who is this guy. What why do you go with the side of this guy why does this character interest. I just kind of felt like. I was ready. You know to be -- -- it's it's just you know -- and and and I. You know as I started to focus on what it was don't really looking for. In it in a TV show a new part of what. Makes pushes you to that decision is you start to read things and you go well that's -- great park but I don't offer really wanna be this that the killer. And so you kind of say well maybe I want -- -- and you say well that's a great. You know that's the hero but there's not enough. Complex into -- I want defined. Something that was life and that's something that was heroic and within that -- with some I want there -- be layers. You know complex -- you looking -- you in the following is there moment all that resonates with you for years. Some of you. Playing this character. Units in the it's. I think it's. It's interesting. I think that Kevin Williamson has that -- and a great a great facility with that in the ability to go there. Look what excites me are. Emotional things you know. We haven't. An episode coming up speaking of working with James -- You know they find a way for us to sort of crossed paths again. And it's. It's this very bizarre. -- -- flick emotional. Connections. To each other and being able to like. You know him being able to manipulate me to a place and he starts to tap into things in my past and finds out thinks about us about. Things that happened to me before I knew him before it was in the FBI he's even as a young boy he's like you know it's -- privy to it. And it was like a strange almost kind of therapy session that. And and you see that and when you do that we have to go there is an actor you certainly have to tap into yourself. I mean I had a -- -- -- -- Where. You know -- they turned around I'm I'm staring at. A picture of declared she's been captured and and I love Natalie you know. I love working with her. Really super fond of them. But what I -- -- -- pictured here just put it you know you can see it was friend you know. Put it on my iPhone -- and use and so that's like. It's a personal thing I'm not saying anything I'm not but is -- dialogue but it's there -- -- -- just. In ending in tapping into Europe you tap into your past. As an actor when you do this we -- are you now in terms of the satisfaction level. It -- your career. -- says. -- -- -- and there is but anywhere is it in terms of degrees I don't even wanna say six degrees yeah. Instead -- is -- where is it no good degree you know it's good it's good I I I have a tremendous amount of satisfaction there's always I'm always a person that is looking forward. I don't look back -- -- You know I don't -- you're not home watching diner don't like I don't know I don't know. Movies I don't watch I don't want to I don't watch movies. I I'm hoping that that the best one. Is is still out there I'm hoping that I can find ways to continue the show for -- have to continue to show and at the same time. Do something different in movies the one thing that I -- The most contend with and that the -- I could say the proudest is that. When I started out. By B. I saw or really quickly that people want to put you into. A box and they want to they want to play one kind of thing would -- especially if it's something you do well. They're gonna -- yet to have you do it again right away. And I feel like when I see the things that come to me to -- -- all over the map. Not only in terms of the kind of characters that they are good guys bad guys while the working class southern you know whatever. British you know. But they're also -- the genre wise you know scary funny -- Comic book you know whatever happens to -- That something that I always dreamed. Having because to me that was old Genesis of becoming an actor was to be able to walk in other people's shoes. I think you just always done this I think to me somebody like you who could do the would. And be a child molester and turn around and then be heroic cop or do mystic if you've done this it just seems -- me like it's a continuation. What you've done. Before it's I did but I do think that it's been spin me that's been a challenge I think that if you look. That actors. Often they end up you know kind of doing the same thing. And in and that's that's. You have to really fight really hard against that. I think you really gotta fight wrong things I think you put up the good fight thank you 32 run amok because you -- that is the they show always -- and saw him. Oh so it's not a whole song it's just maybe -- bacon Brothers song. Maybe it's Philadelphia should Deborah I don't know what -- chicken have -- -- -- got to a court hearing. Let's say -- new zone. On the forget to the quote courts are dealing you have to target. It's. How was a chaotic universe. How close are gold yeah. How was as -- Room. -- -- -- -- -- Beautiful. Some. Come. -- and golden girl and you. In -- says. Yeah back into the -- that -- Look some of those. -- -- -- -- You and me. Her school. Yeah I'm. It. Swinton I don't there wasn't room one -- on the -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":18840663,"title":"Kevin Bacon on Playing 'The Following's Hero, Plays New Song","duration":"8:29","description":"From his musical to acting talent, ?The Following? star shows Peter Travers that he can do it all. ","url":"/GMA/video/kevin-bacon-interview-choosing-followings-hero-villian-performs-18840663","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}