Kid Reporter's Live TV Interview 'Apparently' Goes Viral

Noah Ritter steals the spotlight, and the mic, during an interview at the Wayne County Fair in Pennsylvania.
1:57 | 08/05/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kid Reporter's Live TV Interview 'Apparently' Goes Viral
? applause applause applause ? We have been showing you this little boy, little man actually. He's an overnight internet sensation whose television interview and moments with the Mike going viral for good reason. Gio is in the social square with more. Oh, Amy, we love this little boy. His name is Noah, he's the kid so many are talking about and he was at the Wayne county fair in Pennsylvania. Our reporter from our skraptsen Pennsylvania, news watch 16 had a few questions for him but he wanted to get one thing very clear from the start. I've never been on live television before. Uh-oh but he was then and Noah totally takes the show from there grabbing that Mike going rogue. Offering a play-by-play of his experience on a ride at the fair very important check it out. Watched news because I'm a kid and apparently every time -- apparently just gives me a remote after we watch the powerball. Apparently you're spinning around and apparently every time you get dizzy, as long as you get dizzy -- Reporter: Is it fun? Yeah. And I've never ever been on live television. I never ever be on live television. Are you excited? Yeah, and apparently I only went down the super slide. When I went down the -- I was scared half to death. I just freak out. Ad-libbing, exposing his faults. All great TV. The video already racking up thousands of clicks since it was posted on youtube Monday and that station that snagged his first interview posted the video on Facebook Monday asking for help getting in touch with Noah and his family. You know what, breaking news, I'm hearing that he does have an agent and, George, he's gunning for your job. Apparently he has -- And Ben Sherwood just hired him. All right, thank you so much,

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{"id":24845902,"title":"Kid Reporter's Live TV Interview 'Apparently' Goes Viral","duration":"1:57","description":"Noah Ritter steals the spotlight, and the mic, during an interview at the Wayne County Fair in Pennsylvania.","url":"/GMA/video/kid-reporters-live-tv-interview-apparently-viral-24845902","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}