Kidnapper Calls 911: 'I Will Kill Her'

Man kidnaps ex-girlfriend, kills himself after 911 call and police chase.
2:11 | 10/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kidnapper Calls 911: 'I Will Kill Her'
Now, to the terrifying 911 call made by a kidnapper during a 100-mile-per-hour chase. Frightening details of the young woman he has abducted, his ex-girlfriend. He puts the victim, herself, on the phone. We want to warn you, parts of this are disturbing to hear. Abc's john muller has the story. 911. Where's the emergency? Reporter: What you're about to hear is a 911 call like no other. Yeah. I'm being followed by the police with his lights on. I am a gentleman from lakeland. I have kidnapped my ex-fiancee. Reporter: That's brett lee curtis calling 911, during a 100-mile-per-hour police chase in daytona, florida, monday night. He has just kidnapped his ex-girlfriend. If he continues to follow me, I will kill her. That is your final warning. Reporter: Warning police to back off. He calls 911 four different times. If the officer following me does not break off pursuit, then people will be hurt. Okay. Where are you? Enough. I don't know what officer you're talking about, sir. Can you let me know where you are so I can let the officer know? Okay. We're going south on i-95. If he continues to follow me, i will fire a warning shot. Reporter: Curtis grabbed hamilton from her job. After her mother reported her missing, police spotted a car speeding down the highway. He's armed. And he shoots his gun out the window. And even puts his frightened hostage on the phone. I have been kidnapped. And we are being followed. And he's going to kill me if they keep following him. Yes. He says that he's taking me home. He just, he wants -- looked over at me, like three hours ago, this seemed to be a good idea. Why don't you just pull over so we can end this peacefully? That's not going to happen. Reporter: After a 45-minute chase, police finally puncture his tires. Hamilton bravely jumping out unharmed. Curtis, shooting himself. He wasn't asking me to get back with him. He wanted me to spend the last moments of his life with him. Reporter: For "good morning america," john muller, abc news, new york.

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{"id":20724708,"title":"Kidnapper Calls 911: 'I Will Kill Her'","duration":"2:11","description":"Man kidnaps ex-girlfriend, kills himself after 911 call and police chase.","url":"/GMA/video/kidnapper-calls-911-kill-20724708","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}