Kiefer Sutherland Talks '24'

Sutherland reveals why he returned to the show after a 4-year hiatus.
3:00 | 05/23/14

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Transcript for Kiefer Sutherland Talks '24'
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We've got to. -- Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn we we tell you what's -- in the culture and bought. You want to see something that pops. You see the return of 24 after four years after years I'm gonna find out from Kiefer Sutherland -- -- what Jack powers and I know a lot about what he's been doing. Furious -- -- -- -- over for there's a pleasure. This. -- -- -- from the debut episode which is. Two hours right now. And I thought I have to say it was a -- -- And I remember for years ago -- said. Now this is this is a good time -- you know maybe you'll make a movie maybe not but now it's back and after five minutes you're like this. -- by -- that's -- an editor's note so how did this all come about that you have to be. We have pulled kicking and screaming you know it was it was -- it was I was -- Howard Gordon not to congratulate him for winning the Golden Globe for homeland. Spanish the I'm really glad you called. I've had this idea. For 24. But it would be twelve episodes twelve episodes would still be in real time and -- are represented 24 -- Davis let's say you have to go from. One place to another on the train -- plane. We were just speed the clock up and slowed back down when we became. Again -- and show. Pedal that's coming your lot more latitude story -- said yes and they started to kind of going through. Some just -- points of what he thought the show would be shaped around and Connor character description most key for me. Where is -- Jack -- -- -- -- worked with him kind of the government infrastructure. On some level -- that worked out and on. That's certainly where he would start from the beginning of this season he was actually being hunted by the same people -- trying to help. Which. -- to it. Exciting. In this conversation maybe 215 minutes. Angela -- you know I mean hello we're career I think -- incredibly Smart if you think you've got an idea that. That you plush that you thing could help us make -- ninth season it would be better than anything we've done before. All -- -- we hear that comment. And so as quickly as that conversation and then spend the next six months or we're gonna -- document that had because. What it did well it's. We were so sensitive about you know in the -- here Howard was saying you know I think this is gonna have to be it for -- because I'm I'm tired. -- -- -- Really prolific amount of work that we did very short 196. Episodes which is almost the equivalent of -- hundred films in any year period. It -- a lot of work. How much did Jack Bauer occupy your thoughts FT said goodbye well -- A lot of and a lot of this is predicated by the fact that people seem to know that many more than mine real name which is -- So I -- a mystery and it took me a while they don't wanna be -- but it took me awhile -- only on hey Jack Jack they're talking to me. And it's. It's actually very funny -- that that character kind of permeated my life from and the unfortunate kind of reality -- -- -- -- year's -- or cool. As Jack bowers. Tell you very -- for I was riding a bike can so relate and that my bike setup so that I would have. My groceries in the front and at a bar that I can hang my dry cleaning on. Riding and so overlay area and cool. Yeah -- -- to begin with it already ethical way there's gets worse. So there's a lot of foot traffic on this very nice sunny day and I hit a -- Am going so slow -- literally I go over the handlebars my bike wipes out my groceries go this -- -- dry cleaning goes this way. And I'm so humiliated and embarrassed and people wanna help but they don't know what to do and I'm picking up for recently facets from -- -- -- -- She -- Bauer can't ride a bike hit her head hands and Irish or marriage any resident managed to get everything back and -- can. Kind of get up to the life he's -- least look at the life I don't want as usual kind of hide behind -- Delightful me like I can still see is a tough -- -- you know. And we started laughing you know but the fact is is that he called me Jack Bauer. You know sort. It is the characters that is that is really permeated one of my life -- very much very much so and then there was you know there's. There's a kind of conflict with the character there was a kind of dynamic quality of that character. That can go from zero to a hundred in like two seconds. A -- most characters don't. They don't -- towards they're not -- It's it was a great kind of outlet for music that you would go from. Down here. You know like that there was something exhilarating about playing. That's a part of the care that I loved. Play around. When -- came into the studio -- wanted to scream oh yeah. I had that feeling. We'll let go work somewhere warm several -- -- -- playing Jack Bauer you know. Normally -- municipal water. And Jack. It's. You know nothing is slow everything's -- -- just over the top is currently. Dynasty on crack or something. I think because we all and our fantasy heads. Wanna believe that we can beat that quick -- -- shot abs absolutely and an ever. You know. What a wonderful opportunity have a care for the -- -- to do. I can't go through all of the characters but. Come on a little bit about clos EU was well -- totally -- court -- we're hearing. Now we're we're the character who is -- or. You know -- Snowden Julian Assange type character and is some discussion that we have that's represented actually by all sides in the context of the show you know. His -- -- true patriot who's doing this because transparency is is is important to a nation like America that that. Promotes that kind of openness or is that a -- is that someone has betrayed the country by releasing information that they might not. Have had the requisite skills to process from the second you can do anything that's gonna allow people to start to have a conversation. That's taken from kind of imagination. Of a television on actually then transported to the reality of what's happening in the world. I think that's a really powerful thing. It's funny because in the beginning of the the image that I had a view from the beginning would stand by me where you -- pulling in -- cast that's really bad. And then lost -- career vampire. Time to kill where you're like some kkk. You know three god why do this to -- is that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I wasn't. I wasn't afraid to do those characters because they were so different from me and -- to -- as a perfect example. I read that. And a advocate do you want to play the guy who's running the chapter of the kkk and just outside of Jackson Mississippi. -- But -- you're gonna make a film about racism. And you're gonna make a film responsibly about racism in the United States. And you're not going to have. Aspect of it represented well. Then the person who's watching a movie who. Who might be growing up and in a very racist area are very -- neighbors watching them movie isn't gonna get a sense. How repugnant that it -- it was on the fence kind of a behavioral fence. Of that. There's a great opportunity to show you how really truly disgusting. Back kind of thought process so I approached it from that. I remember Forrest Whitaker looking at me because I just -- for an Irish was also sister -- -- -- character. And and I really wanted to work with Sally Field not really want to work -- John Schlesinger has what they have so I did it. And I've done that and I Valentine McCallum -- -- actors -- well. US encouragement. There is not the words used as of life. You should put most of don't like about will. And he was right I didn't get it. That I had a hard time getting a job for about 56 years after that that's how he -- -- This -- on it. And it was as you know he is really upsetting higher I remember. I took my daughter Angela some Chucky cheese after those two -- came out and -- literally -- their kids that moved away from me I felt awful about in on flippant try to tell me. And -- a movie it's a movie -- it's just a movie Harris yeah yeah there's -- But you know it's that is what is it -- tribute to what you did in those that they would think of it that way I don't think my seven year old took it didn't take away -- have been great you're doing all this witches I think amazing to do. A lot of different things and it's great and I introduced it you know I noted the -- in Poughkeepsie you can head off not get my ticket and you know I. And I think I learned that from my father -- my favorite -- -- Regina from my father Bobby -- Alpa chino. -- can -- -- is another -- action. You know these guys -- journeyman you know -- she was maybe more of a movie star with these other -- -- Even though they were player leaves and -- -- -- are really journeyman character -- And I really respect and admire that and that was kind of that's what I was one of my career to be at times it has been. You know those were the people -- have accurate. If I -- tried to chase a career. Those actors have the careers. I would have liked to have chased. Because this show always ends in song. And I don't have a guitar for you to -- -- your love for that but I just need a snippet of something from noon -- in -- -- Very -- -- saying. Without a driver there's there's -- -- there's. -- wonderful gospel song. People get ready. The first time I'd ever heard it Rod Stewart. Saying it was -- -- playing guitar but has been -- environment ministry. People get -- read a large that. Doll -- no baggage that you didn't get. -- need is for days. Do the do you use those. And dollar gain on bagging. -- -- Below. We have Kiefer Sutherland means. Hatchet -- you're at -- -- -- me back. If that -- on Broadway Show did not -- shooter now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":23847114,"title":"Kiefer Sutherland Talks '24' ","duration":"3:00","description":"Sutherland reveals why he returned to the show after a 4-year hiatus.","url":"/GMA/video/kiefer-sutherland-interview-2014-24-live-day-star-23847114","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}