Kim Cattrall Says She's a Mom Despite Not Bearing Kids

The 'Sex and the City' star argues that she's a mother in so many other ways.
3:25 | 09/15/15

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Transcript for Kim Cattrall Says She's a Mom Despite Not Bearing Kids
this morning's hot button. Provocative comments from Kim cattrall. The "Sex and the city" star claims she's a parent even though she doesn't have children. Or she's a mother in other ways generating a lot of buzz. Mara schiavocampo here with the story. Hey, Mara. Reporter: Hey, good morning, George. The percentage of women without children is the highest it's ever been. Now cattrall is standing up for women like her saying just because you don't have children doesn't mean you can't be considered a mom. She's best known as Samantha Jones, the feisty pr maven on "Sex and the city" who's not exactly kid friendly. Hello. I 'Sheret' WHAs coming up on Ou R "Gma morning menu." We're helping erase how to tell when sports turn serious the three pains you ignore. And rock and roll hall of famer chrissie hynde under fire. What she's saying that's getting major backlash. Plusho W's here, Ariana grande in the house. Fancy meeting you here. Freshening up our social square with her brand-new scent. Smells delish. Then outside, by Arianna. We have to go here. I anmessmiri, mes a I ucas. Betty Cantrell in a beautiful dress. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. We'll tell you about it in "Pop news." So don't go ancertificate. You know, you can express that maternal side of you very, very clearly. Very strongly. Reporter: Adding she's highly offended when she's described as childless. It sounds like you're less because you haven't had a child. Reporter: While many online are supporting cattrall's message, some say using the "M" word is making things too far. One commenter writing, you may play a wonderful role as a mentor, friend and older confidante but you are not a mom. On one side mothers feel that she's not really a mother because she hasn't given birth to these children and she hasn't paid her dues. On the other side they would say you don't have to have given birth and spent time with children on a regular basis to feel like a mother. Reporter: Still, this actress is committed to her special role. There are many different ways to be a mom in the world. She says she wants to set up a scholarship fund at her high school for actors and performers noting financial support is another form of parenting and adds she doesn't regret not becoming a parent in the traditional sense. Certainly birth is not the only way to become a mom. More like a mentorship. They're very different things. I would have to agree that I feel I'm a mentor but don't believe I'm a mother but a mother figure for some people. Come on. No judgment zone. Right. What's the harm in thinking you're helping -- It's a positive thing she's saying. I understand that it can be -- Charged words. Talk about her English accent. Can we -- She was talking to the bbc, right. Sometimes you mimic. She was born in England. She was born in England. Thank you. It's like me when I go back to Long Island. The same thing, robin. We say, hi y'all. That's true. See. Every time I would go down home and my mom said you're getting lazy with your Is and Es and I go huh-uh but now on to

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{"duration":"3:25","description":"The 'Sex and the City' star argues that she's a mother in so many other ways.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33765848","title":"Kim Cattrall Says She's a Mom Despite Not Bearing Kids","url":"/GMA/video/kim-cattrall-shes-mom-bearing-kids-33765848"}