Kim Jong-un Orders Execution of His Uncle

Jang Song-thaek was executed on charges of plotting to overthrow the regime.
3:00 | 12/15/13

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Transcript for Kim Jong-un Orders Execution of His Uncle
Now the latest on the stunning execution of Kim Jung -- own uncle by the thirty year old North Korean dictator. The brutal act raising new concern this morning about the erratic leadership of the world's youngest head of state. ABC's Martha Raddatz spoke exclusively to secretary of -- John Kerry about this for this week when she's hosting later today from the region and she joins us now with more mark. Good morning again and beyond as secretary Perry is here in Vietnam as part of a diplomatic -- but we ask -- about the stunning news this week. That North Korea's young leader has executed his uncle. Who was considered one of the most powerful men in that nuclear armed nation. What does this tell you about. The danger coming from North Korea. Lord tells us a lot of first of all how ruthless. Reckless he is also a lot about -- In security is to -- Kerry also told us that he believes that -- Ronnie and government can help find the American. This family told ABC news he was working for the CIA when he disappeared in Iran seven years ago. Kerry said the US has not abandoned him as the Stanley has charged. -- Indiana. Thank you Martha and you can see all of -- exclusive interview with the secretary of state -- later this morning on ABC's this -- very busy week for him.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Jang Song-thaek was executed on charges of plotting to overthrow the regime.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21224687","title":"Kim Jong-un Orders Execution of His Uncle","url":"/GMA/video/kim-jong-orders-execution-uncle-21224687"}