Kim Kardashian Reveals Sister's Pregnancy Warning

Reality-TV star discusses her pregnancy and her starring role in a new Tyler Perry movie.
4:11 | 03/26/13

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Transcript for Kim Kardashian Reveals Sister's Pregnancy Warning
the beautiful kim kardashian who is starring in tyler perry's new film called "temptation" that tells the story of a young woman tempted into betraying her husband. We have a clip. Take a look. Ava, I don't have to wear fancy dresses or fancy shoes to prove that I'm qualified to do my job. Yes, you do. No, I don't. I have -- yeah, you do. I have a degree. A degree? Yes. A degree on the wall without labels on your back is nothing. That blouse, it's telling it all. So does your dress. What's wrong with my dress? Can you even breathe, ava? You don't breathe in hermes. I love it, quote to live by. Kim kardashian. How did you like getting involved in a movie acting? It was really fun. It was really different than, you know, the shooting the reality show that I do. You've done a couple tv shows and done a little bit of acting but this was a big deal. Tyler perry and vanessa williams. Tyler makes you feel really confident and the role we chose for me, I'm not that harsh as my character ava, but I definitely love to help out and give advice. That was fun to kind of play a mean girl a little bit. Was out of your comfort zone to be snarky, I feel like what we know of you of your sisters, that's not you. I'm not the snarky one but it was fun to play that character then I kind of was able to bring that home. I was going to say, did you find that spilling over a little bit into your real life. It didn't last too long. Yeah, my sisters kind of put me in check but it was fun just to play a character and, you know, I found that I was definitely comfortable in front of the cameras because I'm so used to it at home when we're filming but it's almost pressure because there's so many people depending on you for the script an you want to make sure you get everything so right. Heck yeah. It was fun, though. I loved doing it. I want to do more. Tyler's films always have takeaway, a lesson, if you will. Is there one that you were able to bring home and into your relationship with kanye? Well, I always say now just for anyone because this film, i love how tyler really flips the crypt and kind of puts temptation not just on the man, it's more on the woman and all the girls -- you know, especially the main character, judith, the temptation that she has to kind of cheat on her husband and this whole story -- it's about not taking care of your partner, right? It's kind of like -- I alway say the grass isn't greener on the other side. It's greener where you water it so you just -- had has a whole twist though you have to check it out. Did you make you change the way you behaved? Did it teach you about sort of how to make time for each other in a better what i. I think no matter what relationship you're in, there's just temptation around being in the business, that as long as you really have a strong relationship and you make that a priority, you don't really have to get into the temptation. A big priority is happening right now. A big one. Congratulations. How are you feeling? I feel really good. You know, I feel I have like so much energy. I'm not tired. I haven't had morning sickness so I feel really lucky about that. Did you just tweet you bought flats? I have to check your temperature. And you know what, they actually hurt my back. Like they are -- I was just saying out there how are you wearing such high heels. I love high heels. I think whatever you feel good in, I know, I see things -- kourtney warned me when you become a mom or become pregnant there will be this whole new group of critics that will criticize you for everything you do. I mean if I wear one color of I'm in this kind of mood they think or if I wear heels it's, you know, harmful and i think my theory is happy mommy, happy baby so whatever makes me feel good I want to wear and i love wearing heels so I'm trying to the flats but we'll see. You're in a really good place. Congratulations on the baby, kanye and the new film. Check it out called "temptation" in theaters this friday. We have one republic rocking

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{"id":18813892,"title":"Kim Kardashian Reveals Sister's Pregnancy Warning ","duration":"4:11","description":"Reality-TV star discusses her pregnancy and her starring role in a new Tyler Perry movie.","url":"/GMA/video/kim-kardashian-interview-2013-gma-reality-tv-star-18813892","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}