Kim Kardashian, Kayne West to Announce Baby's Gender

Hollywood couple are expected to surprise friends at party in Beverly Hills.
2:22 | 06/02/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kim Kardashian, Kayne West to Announce Baby's Gender
There is a big reveal coming later today. And a hollywood headline. The gossip websites have been chasing for months now. Supercouple, kim kardashian and kanye west are going to surprise their friends when they announce the sex of their baby at a bash in beverly hills tonight. Expecting parents all over america are getting more creative in how they break the news. In an upcoming episode of "keeping up with the kardashians," the world will finally learn the sex of kim's baby. Let's see the sex of this baby. Reporter: But the news will be revealed to friends and family at an elaborate bash later today. Iited and anxious at the same time. Reporter: It's the hottest baby shower ticket of the year. A galaxy of a-listers invited, including beyonce and fellow mom-to-be fergie. They will use party favors and gifts to reveal the sex of the baby to loved ones. Some couples take this idea even further. Keeping the ultrasound secret from themselves. Parents can have the results sent to a baker sealed in an envelope. Then, at a shower, the first slice of cake reveals the sex of that bun in the oven. Plain on the outside. Loaded with blue or pink frosting -- you're going to have a baby si Reporter: Instead of revealing the mystery in a clinical office, this is filled with family, friends and a few tears of joy mixed in with the cake. Kris jenner may be planning the ultimate girls' get together. But for the big news, the matriarch says kanye will be by her side. With a little male backup. Lamar odom and scott disic. Kanye said he feels a little weird to be the only guy. Reporter: The baby is expected some time next month. Spreading joy, whichever the sex, and gracing magazine covers for weeks to come. When you were pregnant, you knew before you gave birth. I found out as soon as I can find out. You know me well enough. You did not want the surprise? Even when you're in the hospital finding out, it was a big surprise. We didn't have a big party or reveal or bake a cake or

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{"id":19307951,"title":"Kim Kardashian, Kayne West to Announce Baby's Gender","duration":"2:22","description":"Hollywood couple are expected to surprise friends at party in Beverly Hills.","url":"/GMA/video/kim-kardashian-kayne-west-announce-babys-gender-19307951","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}