Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy Workout Revealed

Reality-TV star's trainer Tracy Anderson explains how mother-to-be maintains her famous figure.
5:02 | 02/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy Workout Revealed
First, let's get the inside scoop on kim kardashian's secrets to staying fit while pregnant. It's been just over a month since kanye west and his girlfriend, kim, are expecting. Her training, tracy anderson is here with everything you need to know. We'll talk live with her in a moment. First, abc's abbie boudreau. Reporter: The eternal question. How did she do it? Hollywood moms shedding so much baby weight so fast. Take the arms up here like this. And we're going to drop them down. Reporter: Celebrity trainer, tracy anderson, said the secret to getting your body back is keeping in shape during pregnancy. I used to have women coming to me after pregnancy. Oh, my gosh, how do I get my body back? If I only had you during the pregnancy, too. Reporter: She should know. She is credited with transforming the bods of gwyneth paltrow and now, kim kardashian. How is it going? She's amazing. I was refreshed to hear her first, I'm pregnant. And I want to do this right. And I want to do this healthy. Reporter: Tracy filmed her new dvd series, "the pregnancy project," while she was pregnant. Offering moms-to-be workouts during each month of their pregnancy. Focusing on the muscular structure than cardio. She knew what limitations she could put on her body Reporter: You're saying you could have a better body post-baby than before you were pregnant? 100%. I have a better body now after my second baby than before pregnancy. Reporter: After the baby, hitting the gym can be tough, too. I know that firsthand. I'm hoping tracy can help me with post-baby bootee kicks. You really are tight. Reporter: I'm sure kim will have an easier go. Despite cravings like the McDONALD's McGriddle. Everybody's going to be watching her right after the pregnancy. She'll be back. Reporter: And no doubt, the world will be watching. Fo "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. It's great to have tracy anderson here now. We have a great group of moms-to-be here to show us how it's all done. Thank you for having us. I'll admit. I used both of my pregnancies to not workout. And people are afraid they're going to do something wrong. That's so valid. And doctors, experts say, no. We don't know as much about the mother. I'm a dance aerobics queen. And I don't do any jumping during my pregnancy. There's a hormone that's in our bodies to help our hips and everything change shape. We can keep things awake and alert and connected. That's what the pregnant project is all about. That stays in our bodies. We can use that to our advantage to get our bodies back if we keep things awake. That makes so much sense. We are helping kim staying fit. Show us the moves you've been giving her to work on. She's doing fantastic. And our moms are going to follow along. These ladies, they look amazing. We're going to take one weight. We're going to take it behind us. We're going to stabilize ourselves as we kick our leg back. During pregnancy, we have a major vein. We can't lay on our backs during pregnancy because that can interrupt blood flow to the uterus. We can use our abs but it's not a direct hit. We're using our abs to stabili our bodies. You're working on the core. While we're working on our butt and our arms and everything. We're also taking the pressure off of our back by letting our bellies hang. That feels good, right, ladies? How many times should you do this a week? You really should do something to your body each day if you can. If you have a day when you feel you need to lay in bed, you have to do that. You know? Make the effort. And have the conversation with yourself, can I stay in today? In the comfort of your own home, in a nice place. You can move if you feel it. Great tips. I feel incredibly lazy as I'm watching all of these pregnant women exercise. But I guess I wore the wrong clothes. Thanks for being with us. After your workout, be s to eat right, too. That's also a good tip. Goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! You can find three of tracy anderson's smoothie recipes.

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{"duration":"5:02","description":"Reality-TV star's trainer Tracy Anderson explains how mother-to-be maintains her famous figure.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18409462","title":"Kim Kardashian's Pregnancy Workout Revealed","url":"/GMA/video/kim-kardashians-pregnant-pregnancy-workout-revealed-18409462"}