Hello Kitty Bubble Gun Gets 5-year-old Suspended

Parents fight school's disciplinary action, call for psych evaluation.
2:31 | 01/20/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hello Kitty Bubble Gun Gets 5-year-old Suspended
Now to the kindergarten student branded a terrorist. She was expelled for threatening to shoot another kid. The weapon this hello kitty bubble gun. Get joe benitez is here with the story. Welcome to weekends. You brought a prop. One like this one. You know, dan, the school took it so seriously administrators ordered she receive a psychological evaluation all for talking about a bubble gun like this one. This mor family plans to sue the school to get this all off the child's permanent record. Was this the weapon of choice foa new kind of terrorist? Terror by bubbles. The small pink hello kitty toy gun is an automatic bubble blower but just days ago when a 5-year-old girl said she and a classmate should shoot each other with bubbles, the school calls it a terrorist threat. I think people know how harmless a bubble is. It doesn't hurt. It's just bubbles. It can't harm anybody. It's only a bubble gun. For a 5-year-old. Reporter: Administrators at mt. Carmel area in pennsylvania took action suspending the girl for ten days. Later reducing that to two. The family's lawyer says a psychological evaluation calls the girl normal but now her record isn't. The mother has tried to get the girl in another school since this time and they won't take the little girl because of this mark on her record. Reporter: The attorney says the girl did not have the hello kitty bubbles gun with her so was this all a big misunderstanding. After all, it's a new world where parents and school administrators are on heightened alert after the mass shooting in newtown, connecticut. She's not aware of what k is, what death hat shooting is. Reporter: The school district superintendent told abc news, "we are confident that much of the information supplied to the media may not be consistent with the fa he went on to say "the district takes the well-being and safety of students and staff very seriously." And if you haven't seen how one of these works, that's what it does, it just blows bubbles much the family's attorney says all mom wants is an apology from the school and wants the incident off the school's record, off the girl's school record. You know what, really we don't know exactly what she said but we got to remember she's only years old. Good point. Gio, thank you, gio benitez, our correspondent, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"Parents fight school's disciplinary action, call for psych evaluation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"18263233","title":"Hello Kitty Bubble Gun Gets 5-year-old Suspended","url":"/GMA/video/kitty-bubble-gun-year-suspended-18263233"}