The Kardashian Sisters New 'Kollection' for Kids

Kourtney Kardashian stops by to preview new Kardashian Kids Kollection.
3:00 | 03/24/14

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Transcript for The Kardashian Sisters New 'Kollection' for Kids
Hi, everybody. We're back with fashion power powerhouse's Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney. Now, they're going small with the latest Kardashian kollection. It's all for kids. We're excited to have Kourtney here to talk about the clothing line and all things. So much going on with your family right now. Let's talk about the buzz of the week end. Vogue, vogue, and vogue. Were you surprised about the reaction? I have been unpacking. I haven't seen reaction. You have not heard people? I don't hear about any news. I'm the last to hear anything. But, um, I posted it on my instagram and saw like, amazing. You know, responses and stuff. I'm so happy for her. They really wanted this. Kanye has been very vocal about this honor? Really? I swear, I'm like -- The last to know? The last to know anything. I'm really happy for them. It's beautiful and -- And it certainly has people talking. I guess. And at the end of the day, it will sell magazines, where you're for it or against it. A lot of people are talking about Kris and Bruce. How is everyone doing? Everyone is great. There are a lot of changes lately. But everything, like, kind of new beginnings. I would say on our new season. Yeah. But it's been good. Yeah. All positive. All positive changes. It goes with the territory when we film and there's highs and lows and we show all of those moments. You always have. Always have. So, I feel like -- but everything is, you know, kind of turning into some -- more positives. I would say. And two beautiful children. Congratulations. I vhaven't seen you since Penelope was born. I think when I was pregnant with her, I said to my sisters, let's go a kids clothing line. Kim wasn't even pregnant yet. They were like, okay, if you want to take over, then -- so with this first collection, I took charge. And we have our design meetings Al together. And they, you know, my sisters helped approve efg. But I really took charge, like, did all the inspirations and, I really took like what I dress her in as the inspiration for the collection. Let's look at the pieces. A fashion show happening right now with our very beautiful models. This is amazing. Josh is walking the models in right now. This is Alexa. She's so pretty. So cute. The butterflies are your favorite in the whole collection. I love pripts for little girls and -- Oh. We have a second model who made her way out. And leopard print we did in our women's collection. We did a sweeter version for our baby collection. That little lace jacket. One of my favorite pieces. Josh is holding -- This is Emma. She's wearing a tutu. It's tutu adorable. With the little polka dot. We did gold and cream as the theme. And the little polka dots. Hi. Hi. Dakota is rocking. All with babies R us. That's who we're working with. You tried to keep it cost-effective. I wanted to make it high fashion but affordable. ? They go through it so quickly. I save all my favorite kids things to pass down. Yojosh, I know you could be there all day. You must return the babies. I thought this was a lovely parting gift. Everybody check out the kardashi Kardashian kollection for kids. Thank you, Kourtney.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Kourtney Kardashian stops by to preview new Kardashian Kids Kollection.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23032848","title":"The Kardashian Sisters New 'Kollection' for Kids","url":"/GMA/video/kourtney-kardashian-preview-kardashian-kids-kollection-23032848"}