Kraft Mac and Cheese: Bloggers Want Food Dye Removed

Two women are lobbying for the food-maker to stop using two kinds of food dye.
2:34 | 03/08/13

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Transcript for Kraft Mac and Cheese: Bloggers Want Food Dye Removed
Fight that is heating up to women on a crusade to change. Kraft macaroni and cheese launching a petition to convince craft to remove artificial -- from the popular -- ABC's Lindsay Janice is here with the latest on that fight -- good morning good morning Amy these two women say that they will not eat -- most famous dish because they worry that it contains ingredients of the company does not put in this version. That it sells in Europe in this morning their campaign is drawing nationwide attention. Kraft macaroni and cheese is as well known for its bright orange color as it is for its iconic catch phrase. But this morning to women say they want craft to drop the artificial dyes that for decades had given the -- its signature issue in a video posted on YouTube it's now rocketed across the web food bloggers Lisa Kelly and Bonnie -- say they are fearful of -- -- color -- yellow numbers five and six used by the company. Yellow number five in yellow number six specifically. Are -- carcinogens. Artificial these guys have been proven to increase hyper activity in children. The women say they grew concerned about the food color -- after learning Kraft doesn't use them in the Mac and cheese it sells in Europe. Some countries there don't even allow the -- The women also point to studies linking the dies -- -- allergies my daughter's tried both persons and the UK version looked and tasted it. Almost exactly the same this morning craft is pushing back telling ABC news we only use colors that are approved and deemed safe for food use by the Food and Drug Administration. The studies that they would look at this and are not very strong there's nothing NIC -- -- -- real concern about these guys Kraft says it makes fourteen Mac and cheese products with -- the -- -- -- says she thinks even one with yellow numbers five and six is too many with these guys potentially. Posing some risks we should be on the safe side and renewed -- Silly -- tells me she isn't stopping -- aircraft from its artificial food dyes from all of its products just overnight the signatures on her petition. Have gone from 60000. To a 130010. Amien -- -- v.s are the -- -- this one here this is the choice that parents have this is the white chatter that actually. Does not have yellow tie and kick -- better anyway to have centrist no artificial. Flavorings thanks Mac and -- my kids like yeah I'm not a favorite kind of integrate an -- and.

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{"id":18682410,"title":"Kraft Mac and Cheese: Bloggers Want Food Dye Removed","duration":"2:34","description":"Two women are lobbying for the food-maker to stop using two kinds of food dye.","url":"/GMA/video/kraft-mac-cheese-mommy-bloggers-yellow-food-dye-18682410","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}