Kristen Bell to the Paparazzi: Hunt Me But Leave My Daughter Alone

After conquering Kickstarter, the "Veronica Mars" star sets her sights on celebrity photographers.
3:00 | 03/13/14

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Transcript for Kristen Bell to the Paparazzi: Hunt Me But Leave My Daughter Alone
So what even -- do about it Veronica and ready to head down to the bat cave. Accessories. Was I trying to keep -- from looking inside them. -- labeling it pandora has seemed a little one. And operatic. -- is spent nine years figuring out exactly who you learn. Hasn't your life been better since Keating this -- Getting out -- Neptune it was -- unique what is hell hole when you left and from the look of things it's only gotten more current. Everything you worked for is right in front of the solid relationship quality job prospects. Low profile existent. The design matches -- the data he. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn when we tell you what is happening at the movies and there's a revolution at the movies now called -- -- marks and you might be saying well. How is that it revolutionized the watch them on TV I was a marched -- That you didn't even notice them and I did notice we I didn't get locked in street. -- -- Marsh mouse book -- -- anyway -- I digress anyway Kristen Bell who is the star both of the securities and this movie Veronica Mars is with us. Currently some -- for asylum arm action and -- -- been. I appreciate that so tell us tell us just a little bit about -- Veronica Mars to die crap out fund and now. It exists because it went off -- -- -- Yeah I because we see it's we know wanted to make the movie from the day this series this camp and we went through. I mean a hundred different ways to try to get it made but the reality is you can't just make any movie want to -- your playing with. -- big companies money or you know shareholders or executives and they hat they. There is an audience for this movie our fans are passionate -- they will show up they want it -- -- And over the course of the last seven years social media -- -- more prominent and we were able to start to quantify our fan base. And basically convinced the studio Warner Bros. to -- take a chance on kick starter and said. We can raise the budget and simultaneously prove -- -- there is an audience to make this movie. And they let -- stealing and our fans. We always knew they -- the best in the world but now they've proved it. The first thing you and Rob Thomas did was -- -- video you shot something the end it what did you police -- -- before we worry even allowed to launch on kick start -- so you just. -- -- Asked a lot of permission we've sort of said here's -- we just told people here's what we're dealing see there. Warner Bros. was excited that they just didn't understand it. And we said -- to kick starter and they said. Would love to you we don't get it we said okay we'll give you something tangible that -- out of my girlfriend's house answer to clear out for the afternoon. And Rob Thomas was dressed in my scheme here. And that puppet show stage was made by my husband in the yard he -- On the store the day before and we just thought wouldn't it be keen to have the video where we never gave up just like the fans and and then we show that to Warner Bros. and it still took -- a couple months to get on board but finally. Their digital marketing department pulled the train there and let us launch and we came up with a series of rewards -- we knew that there would be low level. Funding options where for 25 bucks you get a digital download the data movie comes out so a priest selling -- -- ultimate thing -- yet it's a love scene with you. At the French can't sex act that haven't done it that go a billion to Chrysler I had all the money one yes. We had like there are premiere tickets there where. You can have it shown at a theater in your area. There or. Voicemails. Videos we -- 6000 posters are highest award was. For 101000 bucks to have a line in the movie. And a wonderful guy -- steam from Canada. Purchased it I don't think that he's done very well for himself. And so that wasn't a very big deal and he's really break it did not break him now and he showed up and spent a couple days of the sunset and he couldn't have been lovely -- It's seven years in the movement from the last time we saw Veronica so she's a lawyer and guarantees -- New York -- Neptune. Which is the fictional town in California -- he really -- I think well it's listen based on San Diego -- loosely loosely. But they rob had this idea that started out like god father of three -- think it was where you know. I just can't get out at pulling back in that kind of -- thing -- that he wanted the stakes to be high. From the minute the movie started so you finds ironic. Tired of all the drama she just wants a secure -- safe normal lifestyle. So she's living in new York and with -- is with hands with their safest choice and within the first few minutes. She gets pulled back and. How was it to be back with these people again I'm assuming he saw of them occasionally only when the -- that you spoke to. I don't know that might have been refuted but it seems like you all have affection for. I wish they refuse -- be a lot more interesting where pretty boring group that just likes to giggle together I love these knuckle heads and today. Their wonderful people XX zero convincing for anyone to be involved that the movie again not a great story but. We -- each -- on the godmother of some of their children and we all have kids now so we have this -- -- -- Veronica Mars that runs around and that's their pants which is kind of interesting. You cannot discount. The importance of the -- your pants brigade. Hundreds of getting things done I agree people wanting to contribute to help right philosophy of all ages -- that can happen. But you Kristin now that this is happening and you brought this -- rob basically the prime movers behind getting this to have been. It's a good place that you're in your new mom and thousands of princess -- You John Travolta did not just now -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here involved here and -- -- in the analysts like that it's not a -- of this team but it's. It's not a good the -- -- -- anything daddy. But talk about the -- -- brigade. Is frozen is -- cat. It's -- you expressed your royalties from that Disney's never had such a gigantic animated hit what does that -- I desperately wanted to be in -- Disney animated film I loved those movies growing up they -- significant to me as a child I escaped and watched. The Little Mermaid her Aladdin hundreds. Of times. So what I wanted to -- Disney princess but I was really. Specific about how who I want -- to be I was really awkward as it can't. Was clumsy. Top two nights I didn't wake up batting eyelashes -- -- good posture and -- stuck listening because I've never seen girl like baton and they were open to each and every idea and that's kind of Halloween. Formulated the character in so too have been -- hands on. With the project and -- this much for it to be received like this and it made it billion dollars worldwide is. It's completely surreal. You you had a campaign. About the paparazzi take pictures of celebrities children would -- that added that started. It started it -- I was always aware. -- kids being hunted by the paparazzi in this at a price that's on their forehead when they're born into public figures but having I never experienced it firsthand. I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I didn't try to fight to change the game for my daughter because it is -- On the ground in LA it's an extremely unsafe environment. There is so much money in the business of photographing these kids that there are guys running red lights around schools they're pushing kids overs they're yelling and these kids. It can to Arafat and -- just it's not a celebrity -- to parenting issue coming it's fair to rope any of these children who can't understand it. Into this big silly business I totally understand what I sign up for. Paparazzi can hunt me all day long they can pop out of bush -- be my guest but. My kids. Did not sign up for that's I'm a public figure she's not part of me. She is a private citizen who has human rights of her own and as a minor one of those rights -- her anonymity. So the 'cause I can't physically stop. And they're very tricky by the way a circle you and you feel. You feel hunted you feel like sharks are circling you which is really what's happening. And I wanted to stop the money from going in their pockets 'cause if they're not getting paid to take those pictures. The harassment -- -- I talk to the entertainment outlets and he's out these magazines that keep publishing these pictures of children and say. Stop buying the photos. This is. An ethical thing about kids skies. And hopefully. They will lose their paychecks and stop. Stop -- -- signed anybody up to do that that we had an immense amount of support we. On Good Morning America an all -- ABC just. Announced this morning The Today Show. Perez Hilton which was surprising that he but he has a son and I think believed and it just -- at the blog. We've had some trick -- one's radar online we're trying very hard and they don't seem to want to stop them and my goal listed. To drop a line in the sand for. News organizations and entertainment outlets that care about the welfare of all children -- the ones that don't and I think that consumer when they see that line. Will favor one or any other. I'm thrilled that this is going to happen but we always end here in a snippet of song. So I'm not going to suggest anything. Maybe it's something you do same to you may be it's. I hate song against. -- the mean he -- -- it's something from frozen. -- -- When navy Allen's best and -- and maybe that's it and he gave -- that with. -- all I do not making it is she says -- it add years old center. In song yeah -- Don't want to musical that's of -- movie giant thing that we can all -- yeah but as someone else policy can't -- -- now. -- -- -- -- -- Thank you thank you thank you and I'm taking mine official march perfect.

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{"id":22904461,"title":"Kristen Bell to the Paparazzi: Hunt Me But Leave My Daughter Alone","duration":"3:00","description":"After conquering Kickstarter, the \"Veronica Mars\" star sets her sights on celebrity photographers. ","url":"/GMA/video/kristen-bell-plan-beat-paparazzi-22904461","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}