'The Exes' Cast Discusses New Season, Plays Two Truths and a Lie

Kristen Johnston, Wayne Knight, Donald Faison and David Alan Basche discuss TV Land's hit series.
4:24 | 06/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'The Exes' Cast Discusses New Season, Plays Two Truths and a Lie
You know, we are go and so glad. The tvland hit, "the exes" hit. Kristen johnson, donald faison. A lawyer that happens to be involved in a domestic situation. We're going to talk in a moment. But take a look. Sneak peek of the first episode of the new season. Come on. He's gone. Come on back. I can't. I'm scared to move. It's over move your hand. Take it slow. You're almost there. Come on. Holly? That doesn't a skirt, right? I did wear bicycle shorts underneath. Welcome. Kristen, we'll start with you. Great success here. We had a chance to spend time with you last summer. This season, what can we expect from the gang? From the gang or my character? From your character. For my character, I'm still a loser. No. She actually gets promoted, which is cool. Congratulations. Thank you. I guess. I don't know what she does. I just open empty books and pretend to look smart. She becomes a partner in the law firm. But goes out on a million terrifying dates. And she gets to hang with her buddies. Donald, congratulations are in order to you, my friends. Thank you very much. On marriage. But also a future mazel for you. Thank you. Baby on the way. Yes. In a couple of months. Yeah, like almost imminent. It's awesome, right? It's so awesome. The best. I love the way things are working out right now. That's great. And, wayne -- and, wayne -- and, wayne -- let's move on. I said, it takes a village comedy. It's a modern -- this is a "modern family" we're seeing here. You're right, actually. It's great. And david? I have a 3-year-old kid. He has his own corporation. Never mind. Let's move on. Move on. Move on. I already work for his kid. That's right. And as fun as it seems, the commercial break was as good as -- it's few and far between are the jobs where not only do you like the people you're working with and the work is good and you're making people laugh. And this is one of them. This is not one of them. But there are jobs like that. Don't listen to wayne. Can we do truth, truth and a lie. Very quickly. I need the paddles. Two truths, one lie. You want to hear someone say I need the paddle. Two truths, one lie and they are. The first is, kristen, you -- studied abroad in sweden. Or did you? Work at a law firm. Or do you? Have an adopted sister. Guys? Which one is the lie? Which one is the lie about kristen johnston. That's why we have two paddles and are doing it like this. Great idea. I'm going to say studied abroad in sweden is a lie. Donald has thats a lie. I say used to work as a law firm. I think has an adopted sister is a -- that's wayne. Is this how I do it? And you put mine over in the corner. And the winner is -- the truth. The winner is -- the only lie is that I don't have an adopted sister. Oh. I did live in sweden. And I did work at a law firm. Wrap it up.

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{"duration":"4:24","description":"Kristen Johnston, Wayne Knight, Donald Faison and David Alan Basche discuss TV Land's hit series.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19436221","title":"'The Exes' Cast Discusses New Season, Plays Two Truths and a Lie","url":"/GMA/video/kristen-johnson-exes-cast-discuss-season-play-truths-19436221"}