Kristi Yamaguchi on the Role Olympians' Parents Play

The gold medalist discusses P&G's new "Thank you, Mom" ad and motherhood.
3:00 | 01/06/14

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Transcript for Kristi Yamaguchi on the Role Olympians' Parents Play
The Olympics are almost years' time on the way to even though the medal counts and world records are exciting the part we love most incredible stories on how each athlete. Got there and there's a new -- out this morning I assure you -- your heart strings of the celebrate the Olympic athletes and their moms and they make their journey to the games. Here's your first look. -- -- -- -- I'm sorry I did not -- you'll you'll you'll -- line is that this video is entitled -- Them back got it's -- -- Procter & Gamble's thinking on campaign which. By the way so Smart as it has an athlete. -- diver those early morning practices and that is all about the mom the dad. You get up -- dedicate themselves as much of the apple -- and I'm here to talk about her own Olympic journey is gold medal. Champion mom herself -- The stars how are you unpaid thank you great to see you again yankees next to you as we gear up for the -- city look at ads like that would is that. Do to you is it reminds you -- your personal it's. But definitely -- he said takes at the heart strings and you know every Olympian has an amazing support group behind them that help them. And she then in just make it to the Olympics and of course the biggest cheerleader is always my mom and and so it's really nice and exciting to be pregnant -- she and secret. Campaign that is -- -- two months and selling that haze lifted. -- athletes getting the glory but there's always someone there to pick them back happy right you know when things get half. They always meeting challenges facing obstacles but -- there. Public affairs -- teaching -- -- -- -- absolutely had just -- for the first time tonight they've for the kind of didn't know you on the show until like ten minutes ago I got very excited and I think a lot of people -- but they don't know. That as a youngster -- had club feet. And that was something your mom happen and -- -- -- yes absolutely and -- was -- -- and you know luckily my mom and my dad. Where there -- you know help correct the heartbeat and to -- help in the correction. Actually I -- attractions were done by -- -- I think it definitely helped with strengthening corniche and you. You know is acting and coming here Leon they're faced houses and -- -- move on from them. So now your mom how old -- -- -- that one too. To delve into we have future olympians laugh and wealthy men acting out here and then led them yet no one and -- -- a little bit. She likes it is for fun you know I'm -- -- its parent saying it was my passion. But she finds whenever hers is I'll be happy it's a totally agree that that is a -- -- college in. I really condition with my kids and he's attempting it need -- want as a bit of it testament. -- -- -- other sports and that's just fine yeah now they -- on the -- him at yeah as England is we get to these Olympics are you how do you feel about the controversy. The location of them are you. -- are you nervous for the -- Please. -- really I think you know security is always me and quite at dinner and -- of the main things keep athletes safe and and conduct -- safe Olympics self -- I think that is obviously going to be the case here and you know definitely there's a lot of people there to supply and make sure that the athletes you know for Cingular drains and -- and green Olympics the excellence or safe and happy scenes what are you most -- -- -- Well. Medal opportunity for figure skating there's NBA team competition. Cool wet and very gets with the stars again this excel one. Competitive from -- -- met one man when lady went canteen one and dance team we'll compete as a team for each country -- will -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And number that I'm that little if they -- Not announce further. Young -- -- and -- the cumulative score will be added RTC which countries. When he has the most points that's pretty well -- eleven imagine the athletes will be -- jockeying for those positions. In and you know sort of in their own right -- excel in any of this takes place actually the for the individual competitions self. It's kind of -- nice -- to -- on the Yang has been filled the arena. And that -- in the -- -- -- fired unity they either. And divisional competition -- -- let your any predictions for our the US gators who they're the ones to watch do. You know we have obviously gold medal. -- ten news Merrill Davis and Charlie -- in the ice dance scene -- time. World champions and going in and says you know looking very -- actually laying their -- -- in the women's division -- we have -- third spot that I think is very open. And still hasn't chosen. From. US championships which is the Olympic 2000 this week we'll find out I -- my Sundays and his writings are -- Yamaguchi so great to see you -- an inspiration you have been so many athletes are not -- and.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The gold medalist discusses P&G's new \"Thank you, Mom\" ad and motherhood.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21432571","title":"Kristi Yamaguchi on the Role Olympians' Parents Play ","url":"/GMA/video/kristi-yamaguchi-role-olympians-parents-play-21432571"}