Kyle Abraham on Katie

Dancer Kyle Abraham discusses his struggles and ultimate success.
3:00 | 12/18/13

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Transcript for Kyle Abraham on Katie
-- -- -- Okay. -- Great story because I know you grew up in Pittsburgh and and you never really started dancing -- -- Norris senior high school where he considered too emotionally plumber. To really become super proficient and dancing. I think the finding is -- -- starting at around seventeen I was thinking the whole time I was really going to be crowned after they can vote for probably too late for -- to be damned thing. But if people see any purchase up to as whereas -- -- undergraduate school. They were really. They want to -- something special -- me. And that made all the difference right got to have somebody who would want it to support you encourage you to continue but it also left you with a lot of debt even though you did get some. Financial support right. You know over the past year with certain awards are just saving money here in there and here in there. -- down -- May be a little over a 100000 but that's. Still allowed -- that -- And then I know right when you were starting your company your dance company. Abraham emotion you were delivered a pretty big below which really did kind of put your dream on the back burner at least temporarily right. Gathered in a lot -- -- schools. They keep coming up. For one you know dealing with -- -- -- that are coming out of my father -- in 2000. Around 2000 was diagnosed with alzheimer's and Peja. Really for me trying to figure out how can support my -- how can spend time with him and how I can't support my company as my other family. How can we do all these things into me part of that was trying to figure out okay if I am. Really having a hard time financially maybe it's time for -- to try and take that pride that you take for someone to ask for help and then try and get some food stamps. So it's really tough for a -- to make ends meet indeed. Circled the and so tell me about this award first of all. Congratulations. That's a really big deal. Yeah. -- and what does that mean it's pretty ridiculous that they -- the you know I -- just -- -- phone call. From MacArthur Foundation telling me that it received this award it's in a word that. He -- you don't apply for it's one that they they kind of -- as the one that tell what you they -- artistic excellence and or someone. That have a good track record. And someone they think has the potential to further develop. There artistic. Voice and how much money is the grant for 600 and -- 5000. Do with the money my dream had always been to be able to put my -- on health care. So now I can say that that's something I can do for. I know you lost your dad and dad. But but this is at MacArthur genius award he wouldn't been so proud of you. I still think he is I think -- -- -- performing on stage and but a lot of our performances like start. This -- by me -- a solo and I look at the light across from me and I a lot of times think it's him. And his spirit really watching over me in feeling. So -- when I'm accomplishing and then weren't in my life.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Dancer Kyle Abraham discusses his struggles and ultimate success.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21262065","title":"Kyle Abraham on Katie","url":"/GMA/video/kyle-abraham-katie-21262065"}