LA Residents Feel Numerous Aftershocks Following Earthquake

Just a day after the 5.1-magnitude quake hit Los Angeles, more than 100 aftershocks have been detected.
3:00 | 03/30/14

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Transcript for LA Residents Feel Numerous Aftershocks Following Earthquake
But -- -- begin to show what the restless night in Southern California more than 100 aftershocks from this weekend's quake residents understandably on edge this morning. Worry about what could come next ABC's -- Owens has the very latest from Fullerton Brian good morning to you. Good morning to you beyond a you know all these aftershocks really take a psychological -- and I can tell you it's the last thing people here. In Southern California need especially people like the folks who live in this house in has been condemned. Because of damage to the foundation and look at that crack right there. Right next to the garage. After shocking and he didn't rattles him. So the kids are more scared -- -- the aftershocks may be small there impact. Big. What is. Glass was everywhere there have been more than a hundred aftershocks here including 3.3. Magnitude quake. Just before 11 o'clock Saturday night that's just a day after the five point one earthquake rattled the region. Southern California's frayed nerves on full display on Twitter using the hash tag LA quake thousands tweeted. Another one really really long and -- not again. A reporter from our affiliate KE ABC felt tremors while on the air Saturday morning. Well well low low. We're still feeling earthquakes. The original quake made a mess across Los Angeles. Water pipes bursting in this apartment building. Surveillance video capturing these items crashing to the floor forcing businesses to lock their doors for the weekend. And homeowners assessing the damage while the earth keep shaking. My neighbor called me and -- the you check your -- presence pretty much program. Size -- just say it's only a matter of time before California feels a stronger -- They say there's a 99%. Chance of a six point seven magnitude or larger quake somewhere in California in the next thirty years. Experts fear if the big one hits on the same fault that runs through downtown Los Angeles. The City of Angels could see the same kind of destruction San Francisco saw in the 1989. Loma Prieta earthquake. Who donated the potential for a lot of damage would agree here. So here is another step from those -- knowledge as to think about this morning they say there's about a 5% chance. That that five point one quake on Friday night was what they call a four shock a preview of all bigger quake. The good news is the further we get away from Friday night. Those chances go down but I gotta tell you that's little consolation. When we keep feeling these little quakes. Yeah be on -- I can only imagine let's hope the psychologists are wrong about this -- Brian. Thank you for your reporting this morning we appreciate.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Just a day after the 5.1-magnitude quake hit Los Angeles, more than 100 aftershocks have been detected.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23117266","title":"LA Residents Feel Numerous Aftershocks Following Earthquake ","url":"/GMA/video/la-residents-feel-numerous-aftershocks-earthquake-23117266"}