Lady Antebellum Discuss New Album 'Golden'

Josh Elliott catches up with the country trio.
1:49 | 02/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lady Antebellum Discuss New Album 'Golden'
Welcome back guys it is so good to have you this album. It's a disappearing art in in the music industry of iTunes and singles but the album how do you have you want to be different. From -- as well you know our our last couple records -- We're pretty serious and -- subject matter we definitely made a conscious effort to make much more of kind of -- on your windows -- -- record and and also to you know we just cut off for first arena and and -- Peter torso -- like we need some. Some anthems but look at funds songs are for single downtown this is one that's just really loose and different for us and and so it's it's a nice change to thank the fans asked about -- -- -- -- People Magazine -- and they do quote. A slinky sexy fun crazy -- -- -- soulful preview of the albums on direct you know what it is sent to -- song and an -- -- -- -- Charles and saying just having that energy and that. Stacks there's a hone his fast to this record and an especially in the -- and out -- find. NN its underperform its awesome and yet. We just heard golden. It does may -- Dow back and certainly. Applies and has special resonance for here for us today and -- Rob returns what did -- gold -- what we will look into doing now. Golden was the last song we have this record and it reminded us of that moment when the mystery this -- and -- our very first song kind of golden moment back in time and so we wanted to kind of captured that -- that memory in the song in you know it kind of fits for us is this a very special time all of our lives Hillary has. A baby on the way and -- a lot of. -- Announcement terrific. Well we have we have a young and coming back to us he's only about six months old Robin that was for you and -- back with us may seventh. Can't wait for you guys again that's the -- the album drops lady -- everybody.

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{"id":18537468,"title":"Lady Antebellum Discuss New Album 'Golden'","duration":"1:49","description":"Josh Elliott catches up with the country trio.","url":"/GMA/video/lady-antebellum-interview-album-golden-18537468","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}