Lamar Odom Arrested on LA Freeway for DUI

NBA star has also been under fire for reported battle with drug addiction.
2:44 | 08/31/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lamar Odom Arrested on LA Freeway for DUI
though, with lamar odom. After a week of headlines about possible drug and marital problem, odom has been arrested. It's been a tough week for him. First came stories about his alleged drug issues and the stress it was putting on his marriage to reality star, khloe kardashian. Now comes word that he is facing charges after cops pulled him over an on l.A. Freeway. Reporter: Today, we're learning lamar odom was said to be involved in a three-car collision, that was not reported to authorities. Both incidents on the very same freeway. These days, it seems like nba star lamar odom's full life is fair game for the tabloids. For whispers of impending divorce. And scuffles with the paparazzi. To allegations of drug abuse. Even unconfirmed reports the nba star was missing. But odom's latest troubles are no rumor. The former laker was arrested early friday morning in los angeles for allegedly driving under the influence. He was traveling in all lanes. He was swerving in a side-to-side motion. And that drew attention of our officers. This is a cry for help. When somebody's driving under the influence, at 3:50 in the morning, you're asking for it. Reporter: Prior to the two-time nba champ's arrest, reports of odom's alleged drug problem, prompting fellow lakers alumni to tweet messages of concern. Magic johnson wrote, I hope my man and former laker, lamar odom, is doing okay. He has to deal with the underlying problem. Reporter: It's not the first time odom has been involved in a drug controversy. In 2001, he was suspended twice for violating the nba's drug policy. The latest substance questions. Are the rumors true that you're adistricted to crack-cocaine? Reporter: In addition to ongoing infidelity rumors, reportedly creating a rift in his four-year marriage, to reality star, khloe kardashian. In a tweet posted sunday by his wife, the usually public couple in the kardashian clan are keeping mum. I think lamar is a bit of a loose canon and they can't control him. And they understand that this has real potential damage to the kardashian family. Reporter: Fueling speculation of addiction and, perhaps, prompting even more clashes with the paparazzi, like this one back in july. Odom refused a breath or blood test on two occasion, which california drivers are required to submit if arrested on dui. His license was automatically revoked and suspended for one year after friday's arrest. Perhaps the least of his problems. Yeah. Wish them well. Unfortunately.

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{"id":20125983,"title":"Lamar Odom Arrested on LA Freeway for DUI","duration":"2:44","description":"NBA star has also been under fire for reported battle with drug addiction.","url":"/GMA/video/lamar-odom-arrested-la-freeway-dui-20125983","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}