'Landlords From Hell' Terrorized Tenants

A plan to flip property landed Kip Macy behind bars for four years.
2:18 | 11/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Landlords From Hell' Terrorized Tenants
We turn to the california couple that's been nicknamed landlords from hell. Terrorizing their tenants. Their outrageous tactics, including robbing their renters, all captured on camera. And lly, it's landed them behind bars. Chris connelly has their story. Reporter: Flipping homes for profit. It's been an investment strategy. But before buying your own flip-worthy walk-up, consider a man who went from this house to the big house. What is it you regret doing? All of it. But I regret having bought the building. Reporter: Long before kip macy was cooling his heals in county, he and his wife, nicole, were famous in the hotbed of by the bay san francisco. What they did in this building earned them the title, land 4r0rds from hell. Reporter: Kip said the official plan to flip the building was nicole. Step one, buy an apartment building. Step two, evict the tenets. Step three, sell the apartment, as condo. Step four, pocket $200,000 profit. What are you doing? I own this place. I own this building. Reporter: Cutting phone lines, and shutting off power. But here's kip burglarizing an apartment, occupied by three pennants, while being photographed through a peephole. The macies drenched the rest of the stuff in ammonia. Then, there were the menacing phone messages. Ricardo, get out of the building or bad is going to happen to you. This has to go in the books of the dumbest criminals there are. They tried to cut theloor beams under the floor. Reporter: Kip and nicole were sabotaging their own million-dollar property. Why were you doing it? I don't, either, at this point. Reporter: The d.A.'S office rolled the credits on their reign of terror. Obviously, we're both ashamed of being here. Reporter: You're the landlords from hell. That's what they say, yeah. Reporter: For "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, san francisco. That's what they say. You can see more of chris connelly's exclusive report on "real tate confidential" on "20/20" tonight, 10:00 eastern.

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{"id":20898712,"title":"'Landlords From Hell' Terrorized Tenants","duration":"2:18","description":"A plan to flip property landed Kip Macy behind bars for four years.","url":"/GMA/video/landlords-hell-terrorized-tenants-20898712","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}