Lara Spencer's Trash to Treasure: Savage Family's Tiffany Lamp, Coffee Table

'GMA' anchor helps the Savage family transform various items from their home.
3:00 | 11/21/12

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Transcript for Lara Spencer's Trash to Treasure: Savage Family's Tiffany Lamp, Coffee Table
Today, a very, very special trash-to-treasure. It's for a family that needs as much tlc as their beloved pieces do. They're from breezy point, new york, an area ravaged by flooding and fire from hurricane sandy. We heard from dozens of you, asking for help turning your trash into treasure. Hi, lara. We want you to come down and give us a visit. Maybe help us savage a few things from hurricane sandy. Reporter: The savidges are a tried and true breezy point, new york, family. Living in this community for generations. And would never consider leaving their beloved beach. But in the days since hurricane sandy ravaged their neighborhood, it's hard to imagine life ever being the same. Everything is broke, you know? Reporter: Rick savidge is a member of the local volunteer fire department that was called in the night of the storm to fight the fire that would destroy 111 of his neighbors' houses. Want to ask you about your house. Your family is not staying there. But you're staying. I'm staying. Reporter: You're staying put. Why? The community. Reporter: While rick continues to live in their cold, dark, flood-damaged house. The water came in about a foot and a half. And just went throughout the whole first floor. So, you don't realize, it pretty much wrecks everything. Reporter: Yeah. Rick's wife, jacqueline, and daughter ashley, have moved out until the power returns. You grew up in this house. What's the most important thing about going through this and moving forward? It's so sad. My parents work so hard to live here. And they dedicated their whole lives to working here. You're normal and perfect. And it's all gone. Reporter: One way I might be able to help, by rescuing and recycling some of their things that carry special meaning. About half of our stuff was thrown away. It was just mud and sand. But we -- the things that we could grab, we grabbed. Reporter: What is that? When we first got married in 1980. We found these logs. And the they traveled with us ever since. We brought them upstairs. We didn't want them to float away. Reporter: Maybe we can transform them into something you can celebrate. Another piece of the savidge family fabfabric. The tiffany-style lamps that jacqueline collects. Why are these so important? I think they're illuminating for your soul. They make a house a home. Reporter: And the room hardest hit, the family room. I need to rescue their coffee table. It's the first big piece they bought together as a couple. It's a way to remember the past, while taking one small step toward the future. It's an heirloom. And it tells the story of your family. It made it through. When we rebuild, these things will be a reminder where we came from. You have to remember where you came from to go forward. You do, indeed. And everybody, welcome to the savid savidges. Ricky, jacqueline, ashley and crystal. I want to show your beloved lamp. We repaired this for you. The stained glass is all intact. These make you smile. Some transformations. Wait, josh. That was the coffee table. It was stained and had a ton of water damage. You wanted a beach theme for your living room. Hopefully, this is a great start. Oh. It's beautiful. It looks beautiful. That's awesome. Wow. Looks like a brand-new table. We wanted to give you something that was fresh and happy and the colors of the sea and the sky down in your beloved breezy point. This is something that you told me that these logs were outside. They almost floated away. You've had them since you guys got married. For some reason, you love the logs. Well, now, the logs will be with you forever. Oh, wow. This wonderful, little side table for your beachy living room. They're all together. And now, you don't have to keep them outside. They are a true heirloom you can pass down to the girls. This coca-cola -- this floated from underneath your house. You said this was actually your parents'? Grandparents. You all have lived in this community for so long. You found it. You didn't know it was there. You wanted to save it. We turned it into this little rolling cooler. And I took the liberty of filling it with beer and wine. You deserve it.

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{"id":17777527,"title":"Lara Spencer's Trash to Treasure: Savage Family's Tiffany Lamp, Coffee Table","duration":"3:00","description":"'GMA' anchor helps the Savage family transform various items from their home.","url":"/GMA/video/lara-spencers-trash-treasure-savage-familys-tiffany-lamp-17777527","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}