Larry Dixon Walks Away From Crash at Gainesville Racetrack

Video captures spectacular crash in which racer's car goes airborne.
1:57 | 03/16/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Larry Dixon Walks Away From Crash at Gainesville Racetrack
Look at the speeding dragster actually split right in two and goes airborne as you can see. The drive walked away and telling his survival story. ABC has the story. Reporter: This morning an investigation into what caused this jaw-dropping racing accident. Whoa! Hold on! A dragster snapping in half and breaking into pieces and almost 300 miles per hour at a national hot rod association race in Florida. Miraculously the driver walks away unhurt. I got maybe 100 feet before the finish line and that's when the front end failed. It flew off the car and I'm traveling through the air and hoping that I stay on the race track when I finally come down. Take a look again as the 2,000 plus car breaks into pieces. That's the front buckling and flying off. Dickson inside the cockpit launched more than 20 feet into the air and smashing into the concrete wall. Every once in a while bad things happen but I have all the faith in my equipment. The driver survived a nearly identical accident in 2000. Oh, there goes Dickson. Dickson was seriously hurt in that accident. So what was different this time? He says important safety improvements. I feel safer in that race car than I do driving to the racetrack. Because of my head and neck restraint, because of my helmet, because of the cage that I'm surrounded in. So when you have a bad day at the office, you could dust yourself off and Cindy: And good morning to you.

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{"duration":"1:57","description":"Video captures spectacular crash in which racer's car goes airborne.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"29663864","title":"Larry Dixon Walks Away From Crash at Gainesville Racetrack","url":"/GMA/video/larry-dixon-walks-crash-gainesville-racetrack-29663864"}