Las Vegas eyewitness recalls telling people to 'get down'

Lisa Fine told "GMA" she saw people rescuing concertgoers who were injured in a mass shooting that left more than 50 dead.
5:33 | 10/02/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Las Vegas eyewitness recalls telling people to 'get down'
Back here live on "Gma." That is the moment Jason aldean on the stage during a country music festival in Las Vegas. It's turned into the deadliest mass shooting in American history. That was the moment a 64-year-old man opened fire in Las Vegas. More than 50 people killed, more than 400 injured. 20,000 attended the concert. Lisa fine was there and attended all three days of the concert. Lisa, thank you for joining us. I can only imagine you still must be in shock. Yeah. This is the scariest thing that's ever happened in my entire life. To know all those people were getting killed right in front of us. We were in the vip section. As soon as I started hearing the bullets I knew it was gunfire. I told everybody to get down. Get down. Get down. People kept telling me it's not real. I said it is real get down. I knew the bullets were flying everywhere and if we got up we could die. I saw people getting shot right in front of me. It was horrifying. I saw somebody trying to save somebody's life. I saw some man run from the bleacher toss go out there and risk his life to save somebody. We have didn't know what to do. Finally it seemed like it went on for about 20 minutes. Then I just recording because I thought if I'm going to die I wanted my kids and my family to know what happened and when we finally -- the bullets started to slow down and we climbed underneath the bleachers on our stomachs. We have stayed there forever. We saw a truck that had bodies piled in it. It was the scareyest thing I've ever heard in my entire life. I can only imagine. You've said it seemed like 20 minutes. It was only about 4 1/2. I think every second is an eternity. It felt like forever. When I saw people down on the ground, I wasn't sure who was hit and who was laying down to stay away from the bullets. How did you -- I haven't slept all night. I can't even imagine all those people are dead. It might take sometime before you're able to sleep again. I can believe that. How did you finally get out? You say you crawled under the bleachers. We climbed down underneath and stayed under the metal as long as we could. We didn't know -- the bullets could have went through that. We figured he was slooting at hooting at targets and everybody was running. How did you know when it was over? Well, the bullets just stopped flying. There would be a delay and you could tell it was a semi automatic weapon and they stopped. Then they would continue. Finally they stopped for a longer paid of time. That's when we thought we need to make a break for it. Were you able to call your family and friends. I called my friends and family and my kids Ashley and Brandon. I called my mom and sister and told everybody we were okay and we lived. I just can't stop shaking. I keep thinking of all those people shot and wounded. My heart just breaks. I can't imagine their families what they're going through. It is so so horrifying the number of people killed, the number of people injured. From what you were seeing could you tell where the shots were coming from and whether there was any kind of targeting or just mass spraying of the weapons. It felt to me like it was coming from the hotel. It just sounded like it was further away. It was raining down. You could hear bullets hitting. People were just crying. At first you say you knew right away what it was. For several seconds there Jason aldean kept playing. A lot of people thought it might have been part of performance or fireworks or fake. A lot of people thought it was fireworks. I kept screaming to get down it was bullets. Kept saying stay down. Stay down. Did you ever imagine you would be in a situation like this? What's that? Did you ever imagine you would be in a situation like this? Never. Never. Now aye days you think you could go anywhere and it would happen. Now it's happened to me and my friends. I'm afraid to fly and I'm going to California. We're glad you're okay. All of us are thinking of all the victims right now. Thank you, Lisa. I'm glad she's back at the apt and will be back with her family and loved ones. As you can major N an out

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{"id":50230272,"title":"Las Vegas eyewitness recalls telling people to 'get down'","duration":"5:33","description":"Lisa Fine told \"GMA\" she saw people rescuing concertgoers who were injured in a mass shooting that left more than 50 dead.","url":"/GMA/video/las-vegas-eyewitness-recalls-telling-people-50230272","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}