Las Vegas survivor recalls moment she was shot

Savanna Chasco, 20, still has a piece of a bullet lodged in her back after being shot while attending the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival with friends in Las Vegas.
6:21 | 10/03/17

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Transcript for Las Vegas survivor recalls moment she was shot
Well we're all pretty much country fans my friend had found the concert on line. You know like April. And so she's just like we shall go peacekeeper fun to do with community getting in the school years and admits too much in just over a week and so it would be nice. Kind of like collapse summary weekend for us well airlift in Jason on dean. Music comes speakers was kinda going and now like it was spotty. And so we started hearing the bullets round a lot of people just thought that it was the speakers just kind of blowing out or something. Once that second round. Kind of plan we. All started running and my friend techne in my and a friend and her running her plate rationing behind us. And as doctor music no guys that's where it was it was speakers speakers armaments in the her again. Land mixer running on my time and but I got shot. In the back. And I fell to the ground and they picked me back up they pulled me to offense outside the venue. And one of my friends told me in my and a friend just around and damage to just keep trying to keep running then we ran into and jam. And we heard more rounds inside. Syria and back out and during this time I was on the phone with my parent. Conning me and telling them what was going on making sure that you know they're okay. So when they were ordering or anything. My medical needs find someone who could help me as very fortunate to have. Run into any MT. I'm he was from. On around here but he just kept bridge turned me on the phone my died in cities was gonna comment on line. And so Houston's checking my dot H I wasn't bleeding anymore. Two other aimed he's in a couple of nurses started surrounding me from different areas is kind of reassuring me that I'd be okay. We finally won in two. An ambulance I don't not sure how much longer later. And I was in there way. Three other people one man who got shot but she felt so bad they laid me on him that I'm so sorry this rather nearby it. And his wife is on the front the issue it's got shot in the and there was this other person next to me an attorney but they're trying to resuscitate. By the end of the trip to the hospital didn't make games. Home. Once you know hospital that you and it is trying to make sure who was okay. I'm just kept trying to talk to all the nurses and people around means you know me servants and they were com. He so I end up being in the hospital for. Four or five dollars. And I was one of. You know very fortunate. Just because I stopped the bullet in my back bonus lodged very nicely so they can. Any nerves or break any bones. But a lot of nice people. There's this month one man who was a security guard at a night club in hand and just helping bring people in. It was very kind and he just kept making sure he just kept it you know me insure that the nurses will listen to what needed. And so he had told me so let's make hearing. We talked we'll face and let you know he wrote. So good and bad incidents like. They're just a lot of nice people really helping me you know one man bobbled ball at the festival. In June. In kept it safe for me and doesn't like it can immediately get that. Nipple conduct like it was important. I had called my parents. Not immediate thing. We called 911 they were answering public and explain it Coleman's parents like now. So we lost the note now spinning her phone while we're and he called them. And my parents and many different in seven hours which normally took tenant. I had only releasing two people into the adjacent theme. We'll only be had gotten shot it now and in lady hadn't broken her bones. And her hands was Kirk and bloody. I'm and paying a violent you know crying and screaming. So does I didn't wanna be one of them who has just you know Clinton's thinking freaking out so I just heard the but if people level. And I was trying to talk to everyone and everyone's names don't you know rooms around me remember that first parish thought its options very Memphis. I you know answers are beginning and I can use command. You know. Partner about her trig is piercing just as one and this woman to. Trying to keep a regular conversation going amongst. All of the craziness accountants. A lot of people some people who didn't even work there but they were next with some other place and so they Kenyon. God's cops and they were in an annuity can registry here triage scene. There's really amazing to see actually. People don't know that you know even if you're part of the answer and during someone. Occasionally just kinda keep a positive mindset and really just kind of bored condolences. Situation get the best of you you know. I'm a very strong believer that everything happens for a reinstatement. And though there's not much of Marines who have been like this kind of didn't. But you know you can release. Find something a hold on to at least one positive aspect and then with you know. I just keep going into the fact that idea of a bullet in my back stem. They you know I'm walking and talking in. And so I'm missing something and in so grateful or now.

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{"duration":"6:21","description":"Savanna Chasco, 20, still has a piece of a bullet lodged in her back after being shot while attending the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival with friends in Las Vegas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50249763","title":"Las Vegas survivor recalls moment she was shot","url":"/GMA/video/las-vegas-survivor-recalls-moment-shot-50249763"}