Amy Bessey Admits She Said Wished for Husband's Death

Bessey is on trial for allegedly plotting a failed drive-by-shooting of her husband.
3:00 | 11/26/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Amy Bessey Admits She Said Wished for Husband's Death
Now, to the latest on the alleged murder for hire we've been following in las vegas. Amy bessie is charged with plotting to kill her husband in a drive-by shooting with her son committing the crime. Linsey davis has the story. Reporter: Shortly after taking the stand monday afternoon, amy bessie admitted that she wished out loud that her husband were dead. I wanted it to be done. I just said it. I wish he was dead. Reporter: But she said she only wished it. But never asked for it. Did you ever ask anybody to murder robert bessie? No, I did not. Reporter: Bessie is accused of planning to kill her husband of 18 years, in adrive-by shooting, carried out by her brother and son. The divorce was less than a month away from being finalized. And robert had not yet removed her as the beneficiary of his $250,000 life insurance policy. Did you believe that you would still get robert's life insurance money at that point? No. Why not? I was divorced. Reporter: Amy bessie has pleaded not guilty to all seven felony charges in the shooting that wounded but didn't kill robert bessie. I felt a hot sensation here. And towards the back of my neck. Reporter: The 43-year-old las vegas woman described her then-estranged husband as a violent man. He admitted on the stand that things got physical between the two of them. So physical, she also suggested if she wanted to kill him, she could have. Well, he took his fist to my face. He took his knees to my ribs. And got my purse and I walked out the door. Is there a firearm in that purse? Yes. Reporter: Bessie's brother and son face similar charges. Their trial is set to begin in february. Both have pleaded not guilty. If convicted, amy bessie could face up to 91 years in jail. Closing arguments are set to begin this morning. Thank you so much, linsey.

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{"id":21015021,"title":"Amy Bessey Admits She Said Wished for Husband's Death","duration":"3:00","description":"Bessey is on trial for allegedly plotting a failed drive-by-shooting of her husband.","url":"/GMA/video/las-vegas-woman-amy-bessey-admits-wished-husbands-21015021","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}