Latest on Brooklyn Train Derailment

ABC News' Eva Pilgrim reports live from the scene of the train accident that left dozens of people injured.
1:50 | 01/04/17

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Transcript for Latest on Brooklyn Train Derailment
Breaking news a train derailment long island rail road here in Brooklyn derailed crashing the station was a dozen people injured. Let's go right ABC's either pilgrim on the scene right now good morning that. George. Street DR block Jonathan Burton would spot him more than seventy people that are typical. Are injured at this hour all people just trying to get to work its market. The packed commuter train barreled into the New York City station during the height of rush hour witnesses said it appeared to speed up when he should have been coming to a stop. Careening off the track and onto the platform it was a terrible like into the clean people crying and you get people's agreement and they said it's not at mull it. Passengers inside the train thrown against windows and doors some winding up on the floor. Before you knew it. We're like flying an innocent people that. Mom the last thing like the last real cars of the train don't warrant and they. Bullet marks. And the impact team myself I was sitting down and like my beef weddings. The chair in front of me my news my name. And you know this is very scary. Emergency personnel racing to the scene to tend to the only seventy wounded. Not that inspired him a lot of good lab rabbit at their bags bit late this is divot filled with little mill. It was like that with unbelievable. Several of those waiting for the train said they heard a loud boom time that we live in when you hear a boom and crash scene all. What do you start thinking the way that someone. Like he didn't know what. And George we have heard that the Federal Railroad Administration in. On the route in route pieces being put your mark and then later they towards.

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{"duration":"1:50","description":"ABC News' Eva Pilgrim reports live from the scene of the train accident that left dozens of people injured.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44547075","title":"Latest on Brooklyn Train Derailment","url":"/GMA/video/latest-atlantic-terminal-train-derailment-brooklyn-44547075"}