Layla Luciano Leads Kickboxing, Strength Live-Streamed Workout

The fitness trainer is joined by ABC News' Ginger Zee for the "Workout Wednesday" workout on "GMA."
53:18 | 07/27/16

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Transcript for Layla Luciano Leads Kickboxing, Strength Live-Streamed Workout
Okay. Back. Yeah. Now about where outlet airline you don't need anything but is and it ended with Leila. We are regular pay it I'm that guy out. And yet it's in Atlanta this looking. Only art call went out and they hear apartment. That in. That's part of it all of those things yet about healing. I know you're an album every man and let them. It happened you know warming up one don't think that I can't else we saw the lakers got back. Really bad timing yeah in one not end at one underneath side every time. It home alive at three. One apparently harmful way they are. And as warm up bill's going years older than on any kind of a lot of punches to one other ways Wentz. That's and it is something you he wrote it down well that they elementary. I mean we. But anyway I'm Patti and I. And it. And together and we don't have gotten that we're right and you have got me. It can help. Want to get right into the apartment without jumping out of hand out can't rebuild on now I had. And I think he gave me in any other name and help protect the plate and Catholic and let him like a real helpful. Yet I have all I have to worry yet. Finally get Pentagon's latest twists to it. Let's get them pregnant and he is feel I can do you know again. In handy cap hill and it. I looked an outdoor work out in late July. I don't know it's not. A lot. We're gonna go right in view them I mean you know I'll see you want enough. At like six Mike back I think all of us that way you can really clearly our pending an announcement. Yeah a little bit Margaret this. And he doesn't I didn't take off it's not because I'm winning the Mathieu. Whether Imus another company that they don't worry if it that you guys just keep on thinking and acting U and. It adds that aren't big on saying you know out of wrapped now. But happy okay. Reigning hot pot want to write hot hot one minute I'm ready free. If you want out of pocket watch well yeah I. Watch him. Pop pop idol and that the lesson everything and the like. These are saying look ready yeah back. Late in the U. Out. You print even. I doubt I. Likes it I like the. A little wider tonight. He well you're behind exit. Your music. Not looking past him with an alien. I'm Mike is we'll. And stick out like you. Pretty much yeah. The Atlanta. Yeah Betty and I'm not talking yeah. Not me. I'm rob me. Okay. It dead at anything and an indictment in a not again. A lot of things and finally I can't meet on the market. And you know what I'm outline your right but not now I'm telling them. That's how. I'm now I'm Gil lines and. Why didn't. Your balance right now. The jab that let him write any fat. That. Cabinet. Stabbed the. That's got got yet. That's kind of the south. Keeping the event hallway. And asked. It intact bill most punches Ed 11 o'clock in pre. Slowing down Betty I can't have gotten back and help. Prop pullback. Back back there rock yeah. Dog when you hit them. You know wanted to avenge a little bit and that help. Makes you when you understand. Why reads one hour. One thing. That. That god god gap rock. I bet. You have it. Patton yup I'm party. Yeah. I work out is only. Other studios and started an alert that's it right. Not that it. You wouldn't let anything because you know working out. Now Wednesday hasn't seen it here is Anthony you know pregnant. I'm not either CB make up announced I'm and the like requests. We can't thank. In that world. But not making a. Many snap shot down. I don't black belt black. So I ain't nothing. Oh yeah yeah yeah human and energy. He got back. Larry I mean I'm here in the 1 then I am. To go Jan Carlson and things go really slow let me know. Why don't go to Jack Clark tied me back like that bullet outer snappy forward and act. Who always. Not that ball where I. Back on the hook poured on the rocks up from the Jack Ford back leg Bruntlett hits that. Both legs hasn't laid back leg Shipp delegates that. Forward back. Baldwin step but the jabs while there have been bitten back forward did this stuff on the jab forward and back. We look forward. Back forward who looked out. And last line. That even someone I know. And yes I'm proud. Yeah plus plus plus app and make an anything. That it. Outlet up on. I don't think you are now. And then again rang. Out about me. I mean he actually wanting something I think it was inherent. Like news and it. I'm stop. Acting like you want Apache. You. You know. I'm. I mean Oregon have popped up on acting. It. Well by. Me. Hot hot hot. Hot and and I say that. Not me want them. Well well well. I got my last month gross knee cap guns drawn crowds and Jeff Klaus will riles me. Jabbed Roswell crawls in any form yeah. Yeah. And hydrants in the U. Now tonight dog I'm. I've. West and so weak that. You know very simple. Yeah ha I want you to I don't know I showed them. Leonardo. We're gonna go back a little bit it's hard to help them from here we're gonna start to get that portal could. Beyond the little break in the IE. Yet and we thought Ali shuffle. And Ali shuffle. Get ready now source within those items. Try to go out alerts and a little bit muscular independence now consult your body your legs and don't order pods are going to circle the size. Cats on. Very good. This didn't happen like Alan. Not pregnant not an honest and I write ready to sell quickly we're gonna do publishers want Paul victory snapped a lot. Hours ago there was little legs so from this position we're gonna go into eleven months of feedback wheel that looting and sit back. Well are they beat together only left side his usual left leg. Love the squad. But that are right Hulu Barrett iPad and I think that's it's maybe not bodies back fat. Yeah it's. It's that deep in your body of protecting those joints and ligaments getting. Wrong wrong that impacted blow came up Claxton you have lottery it. You know especially not a Packers aren't we teaching from the fundamentals and basics to actual fighters we get every level. A great instructors quick and efficient now decided Drake still an outright today. I'm ready Flint and Pontiac. All right we. I'll get to one. Alan not yet you the modified but putting it being right on the ground. Sometimes you got it funny is ebony and yup over the anchor I'm packing my Phat pat back. I modified. It. Okay. Wilmington at. They get out they know. The NASDAQ. Up. All right so it we got a leg up on that to be on the net and so now we're gonna go into a little bit of slick movement so that itself. We can't just let. My whole you handle the business jab cross and then we're gonna split the right right. GAAP profit right greet you go slow let's go jab cross slip right Saturn. Death crops right center. That. Crops right center. That inhibit pulled out handled senate. Senate. Once you get more bands make it minimum. We're gonna pick it up. Ready last one slow. Now pick it up double time to think this jab cross slip. Jab cross lit jab cross slip. That's right slip right. I'm on three blood. To lock. That's why it. All right let's the last one now we're gonna add to the right hand back in. Philly going to be working on a boomerang very soon. Self vs Oregon at the beginning and a lot of it and then we got it right hand boomerang back on. Jab cross is now boomerang you're coming back to go back to the savings bond bill that prevent cross center. Cattle and crops. Pull in the pocket come right back likable Brett. Right right back like a boomerang step. Give it back. Good they slow your learning it commits an Emory. Connecticut. Good ready want what's and we go faster. I right now double time and quick jab cross lit crops ready. Arianna that's it. So ridiculous I'm going jab. Wells and upholding Handel here at slip right now the good morning you're coming right back of the scenes Bob cross staff are doing Ahmadinejad. Cost. Slid across. Levees and the right the rights grounds jab cross lived. Krause jet crossed slid. Cross grief and more times really. Two that is indeed an outback the last one boy. And actually help rent that you're back. Actually your dollar pack your court eye on expecting argument here got an extra all of this is that gays. Now this actually heard it if you have packed up and it and it light. Hi. And that's right you wanna go. Meaning Ohio and yes there but if we committed to memory. Go with them vote Hillary 21. Calls live close to that crowds and it cuts let's writes that. Right left right split right. Come and ask me. Pena that city on a lot of right now. So my my crazy. Like I'm back in the ninety. Oh I love that I guess. I thought. Ed. I was got to move out of the way. I want more right. Yeah yeah I got yeah I did. Good job good work. Now we all know how to move out of the way it applied. Keep those bases beautiful. All right so next. Okay that's. Now just a warm up right now. I don't punches we'll witness. And and I think they'll. Okay. It's. And yeah. Aren't actually lives finally got. I. I like me. Hello I'm Mike well thank. After completing a little nothing. You know old I think is there any. Now polls now aipac now here on it almost hear them live and tonight out of Adam. Anyway plus Y. Okay. Already added. Just want to drive the need to walk. Right knee and it's blog edited it's me it's one. Lots of modified take follows me and why we. Watch. Me this I applaud him. Me out now Lautenberg eighty being Crayola and that you're gonna go to now back to the boomerang. Let us jabs. That crawls right. Let us. Yes we're adding a little bit to Atlanta it's. Now we swapped get together and that's the right. This together now stepped it up now after the left. And other stuff it's very simple pop. Spent stipulate he did. That the hard. And I. My legs put. Every. Comment let's look in the bank. I'll bet you it my manliness. When your partner can be two of bemusement you can't. I might already. Packed bags. Right Philip get back into our boxing hand. David Eaton Clinton and you let them split and she wants the united that help them into their argument accident he adult. It'll. Come exhort when we're doing let's begin work on is that that ruining your boxing out and that. I am not that already we're at in the lab rat but. Everything in your court here ultimately networking. Tightening that action team here government at the right now that I let. That guy with red that I. Problem it's the right. And that means more. This is actually rate for people went back Robin shadow boxing. Highs you're opening your call are your cool and your back all market one. And that it. One mart. Now I'm that we're gonna help out crops. Luck we slipped to act and outcrop batting point. That. Process but let flat. Out drop. Yeah yeah. That. Crop. I. Let. Him out crossing one. Well. Are hot right now not. I don't have gotten back. Plot snapped. A happy happy happy if it. We're. I'm let. Yeah. We have. Get out. That you want now I think I'm I didn't for a back injury. Not the act like. You can tell he's got there behind you made that night that it's wrong. Keep it light but nimble. Classes on you've got. Pop. That definitely not yeah yeah you're not weeks training. I was happy end up being your body weight. I connect sank off. The ground. Pick up. That morning jumping Jack I. Everybody wing. During your shoulder back. And we'll work and it's right accident. Our best but we're single leg abilities aren't enough days. Hot lately in part that's ever the left right on the line. I didn't know about any open night line tonight and float out keep that credit inherent. But now. That come right back up bringing up. Each count them out like lightning. I thought it look easy but it might tighten it down and come back. On your ability one night when you're picking any one lag. On Atlanta. Nice thing. And I'm I'm. I'm basically nothing like other. Eyes. And act it out below me I. Okay what I think everyone walked none. And can't find out. And get it done now it and hit it I'm Alan and stick now anti public. You don't really like. I want to kick in front of you really don't like line. Your body I think. Company. We want my. And I think now I couldn't get at night right thing out. We're going back that much clapping I'm not ready. And that's no. Art and Andy and I got here and I picked it right back got. Down. The planet and back up and keep going guys keep it going. Now and midnight on the I didn't. A lot and it got here you have to put on the block. Late season that's right let. Betsy want. I Megan has. We don't run out. Thank art. Eating him don't not watching it like out. Apple's. Let's go right shortcake now than anything your pants are not yet your cobra point I eat your weight. I'm glad I came back and front hopefully I'll stack public mainly at what you're not yet making it light. If you look at every. Government in the start off with Howard hit. Ready night club hit electoral outlook and no hit and then we'll back night out you know. Yet. Three. And it hit makes your candidate and it bought. Egg art cash. You know we've gone backpack I've. That means I'm actually ray. They help you work on your ability. Learn where your accurately it. All where your mouth they're moving prop. Why can't we're gonna be gonna come out there. One market. An arrogant about the guy that we're jab cross without the last me out brought back late hit. Abby connect profit wanted to kick things got ready. That. Rock pick fullback Matt staff rock and pulled back. GAAP profit can't hold back but keep on got. Sandy wants nothing about it advocate think acting is great kid and I'm. And that we now. Jack golf. Game. Easily the Bentley and unity ten. Packing one pick up that pays 31. That's not. Out crock. Out clock hit the jackpot can't. Have brought ethnic Ekuban. I've Vermont. Yankee you know look at this and bring it on when he can't that's your power adapter. We want. One Y. Yet nice they get out guide. I. Tonight. We'll look at Hitler we aren't shined and I hope you like him. Better eat your problem on hazy about what Abner. It is an additional knocked me. In a jab jab. The so that's where boxing as odd that that turned it and hearing you bet my little my hands up. Any jabs at pop. Jobs jackpot. Dot apple dot. Every line he went back and can't once again I'm at right out mind. And your New York an evening I'm on the part anything comes o'clock. Dean Smith avenue. I think it's pretty nothing machines without actually get hit something. It's make you feel. But god. I would highly you guys. Aren't hot. I'm good ticket out. Not. Eight. I'm on but now he's he's not happy about that pregnancy and I. Five boxing and again like any any. We got pat McDonald that Africa and then right after time now. Betemit Matt epic I'd love it here. It means that left Africa right. Back passed. Flat thought about it. At night that's empowered and that's like your leg though and point. Out that he'd not. Not on other athletic and well let it retiring I'm working I'm. Glad I definitely if my life. What you eat what it. Lack. But analysts little ominous letter grade on Sunday and Hannity you know wanna party oh. With no. Dad you write in my mind I. You know why. And it. Here. Back at. Good. I've yet. All. Very. Y. Night recovered some body shots now we're good at what you ought to get it back and it hasn't gotten it but. First we're gonna hit the red that we app looks ahead now. The body and hit those red. I shot that if you're not think it. Right and lack. Somebody's not on the right body shot in the back again right back. Right. Right that. Right Matt keep on diet. Return and if things have just been applicable. Got a note we're also breaks. Thanks god. Yet you want. And I'm not coming together and it comes now everybody's not and cannot cut in the neck and then let. Hello made him. Now ready pac man widely written and snapped. Were wrong. On her cut on the last Clinton. Body on the body on a riot. Not according. You gotta be coordinated. Oh. I'm ready. And I. Yeah yeah. Public. Clinton left behind me on the map audience right tightening. Snap. I've got it. Body body. I. Mean by only eight. Live hot body. Funny one let me get out eyes. Not attack Clinton signing Heidi. Yeah I'm. Hot I snapped a hot pot. Behind. Why not add up. I'm body fat bass. Clinton body body nice guy. It out. God body art. I happen it's not. Up about my very. That hand that and knowing that wrong. App. That. And it daddy. That's not my body. Body. Write out right and it body. I'm brought. Body mind rock acts that her body. Off that talk body it. That he. Hailing. Not a lot in pretty happy that. At how your court innings and make it. Did you not ready. Everything out running back in the morning. I'm. At last one here. He your. Body and different behavior and hampering now learn. Why haven't calories. I mark apparently. In flat iron and liked him and we actually have boxing club. Legs untreated it's yeah beat your power here I mean yeah feel like that is. I'm Eileen yeah. Yeah. And it left and it means a lot and I can't calories now we feel like it's anything that we can't. Our it's gonna help you don't you know your aunt and you can count on the have been real. But yeah it was. Actually. That gripped. And now and it you can definitely. But I got that there might be now that I'm not the main thing I can for why all the I let you. And we act makes your point is perfect. No way your body and when it. But yeah offensively. And an ugly and battered thrown on him. After back. Snapped up added. The. It let. Yeah. Well yeah like and Whitney. Yeah and honor and now we can. Yeah. It here at home again there let. After eleven. I don't either of bike lock. I'm they didn't know. You know you're in. Older than. Thought they might think Patrick. Kelly yeah. I think it went for the wallet. Everything's in line without paying. I'm I can't. Yeah. I'm husband. I can't make of that exquisite yeah Al. And it little. Yeah. I think they got them pregnant. Valid thing on my plane. Clinton now on I'm on my. If anybody calling like you're doing Batman yeah. And a strong input and now. And falling back and we're really carry out. I want you. Guys or girls. He and an egg got yelled at I think honestly think. Image and I'm not so he's. Martin. Yes the right. And you know one now and you'll get bumped up opening I'm I think there's not. You're not is that I don't weren't things that you got your I don't even want to evaluate every yanks picked up stuff but your body clean up event now. You won't have on the big body. Umpire. Forward. It's ready for. You let me that much here but here. And using your. Thinking your partner and you're actually hit. We'll watch us. Another thing. Side. Left one. It was actually allegedly sidekick you're gonna stand out. Filling his legs it's not like this. Come back. Do you want them. Wait it out and spent 37. I'm glad I'm yeah I'm pleased about actor Neil. That and and it. Adding that it not time and let's not act. That doesn't mean I'm. Yeah. And hot spent Allen's come in handy here that not only everything in your body. You reckon you're bound and Whitney. Mechanical life again Alan let me I'll come from strong wind. Without the right I think it's. Trying not to. Well I am no. Yet now. Going to run it. Came out here targeted. Out now back. What what's not an easy. I'm not it. Betty and Rick yeah right lane got out. Think about acme helping yeah. Act and can't keep going back. Amazingly an act guidelines you're thinking about how. I don't really. Look up in your not on. Martin I'm night. That island you can step out make you win. That's and then come. And then come back and I'm starting out. The you. When she knocked out. Unlike. Now and it's not looking take on. I hunt again. We definitely can't. I'm and yeah there. We've got. Think about your not the only right. And I work. And it makes it. Time's running out. And why can't. The yeah. I. Now. I thought it actually yelling and an eighteenth. I want. It. Snapped. Up not ready pre. That rock. Rock on that. Look out. I. Thoughts. An act. Lots and yeah. Good night acting it out. Let's not had slot. And. I Ben. That's why don't. We're on its outlook and I. Aren't we're feeling and I Allan Allan camp. You want me night and that's that's not my. And it can't. The list and leave behind. Yeah I'm okay. I got. That's all and improve your balance. Fine but yeah you want to make prank got me thinking every club like mountain out of line and lately about it my. You know fun back entering across that felt right. They would. Monday night already runs and went. A lot of fun. We want it I. Quite live. Night sky six. At least I looked like. Yeah. I'm in that Medco. And I think it up. Announcer the heart. Coming Heisman. Why aren't. One part down Pat Day you're going really hard to get a quick. Well in fat and yeah I'm I calorie. Doubt any employee minute. They absolutely have been playing back on our. I do not. Yeah. And I've not got. It's only game right will be in the entire. Now night makes and he cut him out of every time you go again. In exchange act. Don't go right over me like yeah. Aren't a lot of why you come down here. You can even rock. Flags and listen here. I Wear anything ever gonna don't know I'm pretty soon. That is that they laugh riot last night. Sadly out at the appointment means you. Not at work out. Back nice and flat moment. I have all I agree. Now full name not my own. Minute. Talk. It's at now is fighting. Now next. All right playing out an act and a map out and snacks. Signing. And I've got him. I thought I had a double off. Shop. Insulin. And these past months beginning around 109. And then went back gonna. Eddie. Our finishing him we're gonna kill it and win a lawsuit written consent and not nice amenities that. Sound off and John guys. No evidence he appoint an acting like out after he went out on a team. Employee my god yeah. You want something like paying more than with dean of something you have some things aren't the end. I don't think I. Write a point right now it you get back. Alan yeah. Aren't these aren't one. My. I need content wrong. It's not. Oh yeah. One moment that night that. That it's. Acting out. Yeah yeah. And allotment. Behind you don't mind pollen. Yeah. I. Found that. Out and act art. We in my I'm not singing take I think he got I'm. And why not. After midnight and I can't be ironed out and did yeah right here. And yeah. How. They're not thinking about. I'm not only. Others like him lovely and knowing that your campaign. Goldmans anyway. Okay. I'm wrong lane. He wanted to. Lorraine collective eye network to Allen a lot. That other leg. Okay. Really relying.

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{"duration":"53:18","description":"The fitness trainer is joined by ABC News' Ginger Zee for the \"Workout Wednesday\" workout on \"GMA.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"40921769","title":"Layla Luciano Leads Kickboxing, Strength Live-Streamed Workout","url":"/GMA/video/layla-luciano-leads-kickboxing-strength-live-streamed-workout-40921769"}