Remini After Leaving Scientology: 'I'm Not About to Shut Up'

The actress speaks for the first time since leaving the church.
2:37 | 07/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Remini After Leaving Scientology: 'I'm Not About to Shut Up'
with "king of queens" star, leah remini, opening up about her split from the church of scientology. She was a staunch and high-profile member of the church but left it earlier this month. Abc's dan harris continues to follow this story. Reporter: Good morning. Leah remini is one of the highest profile departures from the church of scientology. Since she left, she has not said much publicly. Now, though, she is speaking out for the first time. What's happening here? I'm saying my prayers. Reporter: Leah remini is not mincing words about her departure from the controversial church of scientology. Telling "people" magazine, quote, I'm not about to shut up. Appearing at a charity event over the weekend, remini spoke to "access hollywood." I'm good. I have my family. My real friends are behind me. And I think that says a lot. Reporter: Speaking to "people" magazine, remini re-emphasized that her family, many of whom are also church members, are sticking by her. Quote, we stand united, my family and i. Reporter: Leah wanted to make the point that it was scientology, or some other reason, that wasn't going to break up her family. Reporter: Remini's sister, nicole, who left scientology herself, said leah's relationship started to sour in 006, at the wedding of tom cruise and katie holmes, when she asked the head of the church, david miscavige, where his wife was. She says she was rebuked for asking about this. She was totally shocked. She did not at all expect that type of response. And then, it just kind of escalated from there. Reporter: Speaking to "people" magazine, leah remini said, I believe that people e able to question things. No one is going to tell me how i need to think. No one is going to tell me who i can and cannot talk to. The church has publicly denied the story about remini confronting david miscavige at tom cruise's wedding. The church released a statement saying, mrs. Miscavige continues her work in the church as she always has. It would be hard to overstate what a massive and life-changing event it is for leah remini to leave scientology. She was raised in the church. But based on her comment to "people" magazine, and what I'm hearing from her sister, nicole, leah seems confident in her choice.

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{"id":19813496,"title":"Remini After Leaving Scientology: 'I'm Not About to Shut Up'","duration":"2:37","description":"The actress speaks for the first time since leaving the church.","url":"/GMA/video/leah-remini-leaves-scientology-kings-queens-actress-im-19813496","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}