Will Leah Remini Testify Against Church of Scientology?

Texas attorneys want the actress to take part in harassment lawsuit against the church and its leader.
2:42 | 10/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Will Leah Remini Testify Against Church of Scientology?
Actress leah remini has been critical of scientology, ever since leaving the church earlier this summer. Now, she may be saying more under oath. Her deposition is being sought in a lawsuit against the church and's leader. Dan harris is heith more on the story. Reporter: Good morning. Leah remini's split from the church of scienty has made headlines for months. But the latest development may be more than she bargained for. She is being pulled into the middle of a hotly-contested lawsuit. Just ten days ago, she criticized t charge of scientology on "dancing with the stars." They want me to fail. Reporter: Now comes news that attorneys in texas want leah remini to play a part in a new lawsuit against the church of scientology and its leader. The suit is being brought by this woman. She is the wife of former scientology executive marty. Marty went public with criticisms of the church and david miscavige. They were subjected to a wave of harassment by church members. This is video marty posted online, of what he says are scientologists, who regularly confronted the couple with video cameras. In an affidavit obtained by abc news, monique, who was never a church member herself, alleges that scientology investigators also visited her family members, friends and co-workers. Someone sent flowers to the receptionist with a sexual message on the card, supposedly from me. It was mortifying at work. How do you explain that to people? This case is not about them coming after me. This face is about them targeting my wife. Reporter: Attorneys for the church and miscavige have argued the suit is without merit. And they're trying to get miscavige dropped from the case, saying he has no connection to the alleged incidents. And calling the claims against him rank harassment. Rathbun's attorney says he is sending leah remini a subpoena. He wants to depose her, saying that miscavige has influence over the church. And had to have known about the harassment. The church says, this is nothing but a get-rich-quick scheme, cooked up by marty rathbun, using his wife to extort money from the church. Overnight sources told us she is not pleased being drawn into this lawsuit. She is hoping that the lawyer will reconsider the efforts to subpoena her.

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{"id":20469198,"title":"Will Leah Remini Testify Against Church of Scientology?","duration":"2:42","description":"Texas attorneys want the actress to take part in harassment lawsuit against the church and its leader.","url":"/GMA/video/leah-remini-testify-church-scientology-20469198","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}