Leah Still Reveals Flower Girl Dress for Her Dad Devon's Wedding

Leah Still, 5, reveals her pink, sparkly 3D applique flower girl dress that she'll wear in her father's May 13 wedding.
5:36 | 04/26/16

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Transcript for Leah Still Reveals Flower Girl Dress for Her Dad Devon's Wedding
girls and we are now ready for "Gma's" wide world of weldings. You know, the bride is usually the shining star of the big day but this morning there is one brave little flower girl you might recognize who will be bringing her own sparkle as she walks down the aisle. Let's get this cancer out of you. Let's do it. Reporter: Last year this daddy/daughter duo captured America's hearts as then 4-year-old Leah battled pediatric cancer. Hi, daddy. Reporter: Sharing her emotional journey through months of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation on social media. #Leahstrong, a powerful message of courage finally paying off in January when she stopped by and chatted with robin, announcing she was cancer-free. How are you feeling? You just got out of the hospital. How are you feeling? Really good. Now the family celebrating another happy milestone. Leah's dad, house tons texan defensive tackle Devon still is getting married. He and his fiancee Asha are the 2016 dream wedding couple along the magazine's fans to vote on every aspect from the bridal gown to the cake to the rings. And little Leah, she's the flower girl. So we created two different looks for her. She wanted something that was really playful and girlie but also really strong and fearless. Bridal designer Haley page custom-made Leah's looks with help from the princess herself. When she came into my office, we were playing the "Frozen" soundtrack. ♪ Let it go ♪ I think when she put that dress on she's going to feel like Elsa. All right, we are going to find out how Leah's dress turned out in just a moment but first Kelly Gould, editor in chief of "The knot is here to tell us what the girls will be wearing down the aisle this season. We have a room here, Kelly, of moms and little flower girls. What can we look for. Flower girl dresses are a reflection of what we're seeing in wedding dress trends. Brides want it to reflect their own style. That makes sense. We asked you to send us in your Twitter questions about flower girl fashion. Michele tweeted this. Our flower girl will be 18 months. Should it be a short or long dress. I recommend a short dress. You don't want such a young girl tripping over her dress or not to overwhelm they are? Very good advice indeed. We have some flower girl models and our first one out, Eloise, tell us about her look. She's so cute. Hi, Eloise. She is wearing a beautiful dress by Joan calabrese from Mon Cherie we saw this all over the runway making its way to flower girl dresses and perfect for a more formal wedding. That is one of the cutest flower girls dresses I've ever seen in thank you so much. She is a princess. All right. We have Leia, Leia vander park. Tell us about her look. Leia's look is all about the boho look. Very airy, she's wearing chiffon from beholden and it's perfect, little tiered straps and the ruffle. Gorgeous with a pair of gold sandals and a crown. I can see this on the beach or country. Now we have Mae. Thank you so much, lea. Mae, come on down, tell us about her look, Kellie. Maeve is wearing a beautiful lace dress by jenny Hu. So now it looks great in a flower girl dress. Any little girl looks lovely in lace. She's ready to go for any daytime weding. She is beautiful. Oh, I love the flowers, she's doing exactly what she's supposed to do. Thank you so much. And finally we all told you a little earlier about Leah still getting ready for her dad's big wedding. She sure is. Let's see how her dress turned out. Leah and Asha, come on up. Wow. It's beautiful. Isn't she gorgeous? All right. That is such a beautiful dress, Leah can you tell me about why you picked it? I mean, I love the color, first of all. I think it looks pretty. I love the flowers and the sparkles and I love the dimes inside of it. Yeah, I like the diamond, as well. Your shoes match your dress and your headband. Did you pick all of that out? Yes. Yes, you're very proud of it, I'm sure. Asha, only three weeks till the big day. Yes. What can you tell us about what's happening right now and what we may see in three weeks. Well, we're really excited getting married may 13th at the New York public library and I'm excited to see Devon and his expression when I walk down the aisle. Tell me how you're feeling. Are you going to throw flower petals or blow bubbles? What are you going to do. I'll throw petals. Ah. Petals. I think that's a good choice. We see a lot of flower girl trends. This one is just beautiful. One of a kind. It is one of a kind but it is also a great trend piece because the floral appliques were all over wedding dresses and Haley page and Leah created this together so it's really perfect. It has all of Leah's favorite things, the sparkles, flowers and, of course, pink. Beautiful and that smile actually is the most beautiful part about it all, I must say. Asha, is your dress going to coordinate at all with Leah's. Slightly, yes. Trying to get a little hint there. We are so excited for you both. Congratulations and we can't wait to see you both on the big day, all right. Thanks for coming. And be sure to tune in Thursday when we kick off our massive one day 100 weddings event.

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{"duration":"5:36","description":"Leah Still, 5, reveals her pink, sparkly 3D applique flower girl dress that she'll wear in her father's May 13 wedding. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38665679","title":"Leah Still Reveals Flower Girl Dress for Her Dad Devon's Wedding","url":"/GMA/video/leah-reveals-flower-girl-dress-dad-devons-wedding-38665679"}