LeBron James Celebrates Fan's Half-Court Shot

Basketball fan joins "GMA" to talk about the sky-hook basket that won him $75,000.
2:14 | 01/28/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for LeBron James Celebrates Fan's Half-Court Shot
Let's go to sam and re-create basketball magic. Michael drysch, george. It was the heat/pistons game. You come out. You make the shot. You get the check. This started two weeks before, WHEN YOU WERE ON LeBRON'S Website and you won a contest. Carmex. Tell me about the contest you won to get you there. Just put your name in there? Yeah. Just send on in. You didn't have to shoot to make the contest. 30,000 people entered. And I was fortunate enough to be picked for a random drawing. You walk out. And you know you've got this, right? I mean, you've done this before? No. Who practices half-court shots? Now, they have a half-court academy at carmex, maybe. Do your friends know you as a guy that can play basketball? My friends don't know me as someone that plays basketball. So, the pressure was on. No. You didn't care? 75 large is pretty good. AND LeBRON GIVES YOU THE TACKLE Hug. King james is the greatest. Are you bruised and injured after that? This is a big guy coming with you? I did some moving work in my years. He's a big seven-foot guy. Whatever. What was better? THE SHOUTOUT FROM LeBRON OR THE 75,000? King james greeting. I wanted to meet him. Probably not make the shot. But meeting king james was the greatest. Not only meeting him. But he'll remember you for the rest of both of your lives. We have too many lights in here to make a shot. From the weather monitor, from behind the weather monitor. Not a long shot. But maybe you can get arc out of it. Do me a favor and see if you can. One more time. One more. One more. Third time's a charm. It's a three-time there. Let's get to the boards. The man is walking away with $75,000 and is personal friends WITH LeBRON. Let's get to the boards. One or two things going on we

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{"id":18334672,"title":"LeBron James Celebrates Fan's Half-Court Shot","duration":"2:14","description":"Basketball fan joins \"GMA\" to talk about the sky-hook basket that won him $75,000.","url":"/GMA/video/lebron-james-celebrates-michael-dryschs-half-court-shot-18334672","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}