Lebron James on Importance of Role Models for Children

NBA star discusses his career with Robin Roberts on "Good Morning America."
3:28 | 08/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lebron James on Importance of Role Models for Children
Up next, two-time nba champ LeBRON JAMES. You remember the wonderful moment this year's espy's in l.A. A bit ago. Not that moment. I got her up on stage. LeBRON TAKING ROB ON THE THE Mike when she gave a speech to accept the arthur ashe courage award. Robin sat down with james in his hometown in an abc exclusive. You have to make a choice coming up with your contract. What goes into the decisionmaking process? I'm happy now. In miami. Winning two championships in a row. Hopefully, everything works out. When that time comes upon us, I'll tackle it. Happiness in life and what you do makes it easier to show up every day. You take great pride in being a professional athlete. It's not something you take lightly or for granted. You can't. I don't believe you can take it for granted. Not that many make pit sflp why do you look at me like that? Why? Why to you have to hurt me like hat? I wanted it, I wanted it, king james. I don't think you turned out too bad at all. It was okay. What you can do, you can do for another 30 years. I thing I probably got another -- maybe, ten, less than ten. My clock is winding. Do you think about that sometimes? You know there's a finite -- absolutely. The day I started being a professional athlete, I knew. This is the longest shortest job, career, you have. After I'm done, I still have another 45, if I'm lucky, please, knock on wood, I could still live my life. We see what is going on in major league baseball. All the suspensions. Alex rodriguez, the highest paid baseball player with the lengthy suspension for performance-enhancing drugs. What message does that send? It's a bad message. It's unfortunate we see a message like alex rodriguez. It's a direct effect to the kids coming after you haus. So many kids look up to us to do what is right. Who were your role models? My mother was number one. She always kept the outside away from me. I have no idea how she did it. I still, to this day, have not asked her. She did do it. It was amazing. And michael jordan was high as well. He gave me a dream that I could possibly reach some day. I wanted to fly in the air and make game-winning shots and stick my tongue out at the wrong time. I'm honored to present the arthur ashe award for courage to the most beautiful, strong woman I have ever been around, miss robin roberts. and thank you, again, for the espy's. For what you said, how you said it, your presence. You took off your sun glasses. I was like, he took off his sun grasse glasses. He means business. Congratulations. What sit like to be recognized among your peers? It means a lot to me. I'm holding up my end of the bargain.

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{"id":19934805,"title":"Lebron James on Importance of Role Models for Children","duration":"3:28","description":"NBA star discusses his career with Robin Roberts on \"Good Morning America.\"","url":"/GMA/video/lebron-james-interview-2013-miami-heat-star-contract-19934805","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}