LeBron James Doesn't Regret Multiple Championships Talk

Miami Heat star joins Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in discussing thrilling finish to NBA Finals.
3:18 | 06/21/13

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Transcript for LeBron James Doesn't Regret Multiple Championships Talk
The 2013 nba champions. What an incredible series. We can all agree to that. We're going to hear from the heart of the heat, the three players that made that win possible. Es espn's sage steele is in miami. Good morning, lara. As you said, this was a phenomenal series. One of the ages. And in the end, the team that was expected to win, did just that. However, this was a little bit different. I was able to speak to three members of the big three. Actually just a couple of hours ago. LeBRON JAMES, DWYANE WADE AND Chris bosh. They all admit, this was tough. It's not easy getting to this point. But it was worth every second. What a finish. It's back-to-back titles for the heat. Reporter: The 2013 nba finals will be remembered from the miami heat coming back from the brink of elimination to win its second-straight world championship. It's so hard to win one. To come back and do it again, it was very -- obviously, it was so hard to do. But I can't wait to keep -- i can't get to get to say back-to-back. Reporter: Just three years ago, the big three made an unforgettable, controversial splash, when they joined forces in miami. Not two. Not three. Not four. Not five. Not six. Not seven. Reporter: Not three. Not four. Not five. You will never hear the end of that. Have you ever -- you got two now. Right. Reporter: Have you ever regretted those words? Absolutely not. Being part of this organization, being part of that day, it was for the fans. It was for our fans. Let them know that we're here to win multiple championships. So, I've never regretted that. I think the best thing about being a part of this team is hard work and adversity and everything. To be able to come back from failure, it shows what type of man you are, or female you are, in life. To be able to come back from adversity and come back strong and be on top. Reporter: Because of that guarantee, they face unprecedented pressure. And accepted the challenge. You face as much pressure as you can face in professional sports, as coming together as a team. When we get on the basketball court, we close our ears to all of the naysayers, all the noise. We focus on what we need to do as a group. What we need to do is put ourself in position every night to win the game. And put ourself in position, every year, to compete for a championship. Hey, now. Hey, now. Reporter: Now, the big three can finally relax and worry about the pareimportant things in life. I have a headband question. Did you consider not wearing it because of how well you played? Absolutely not. I heard all of the fans. No headband. I got this far. And it did me some wonders tonight. So, thank you. Thank you, headband. Reporter: These guys are on cloud nine and deservedly so. Guess what? It's bedtime officially here in miami. I love you all. Good night. Thanks, sage. Sage, josh says hello.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"Miami Heat star joins Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in discussing thrilling finish to NBA Finals.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19454581","title":"LeBron James Doesn't Regret Multiple Championships Talk","url":"/GMA/video/lebron-james-regret-multiple-championships-talk-19454581"}