Leeza Gibbons on Juggling Her Career and Motherhood

Talk-show host and author reveals tips for happy endings from her new book, "Take 2."
2:56 | 02/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Leeza Gibbons on Juggling Her Career and Motherhood
So happy to have Leeza Gibbons with us author talk show host wife mom -- and it and it now has a new buck about how she manages it all. It's called -- to your guide to creating happy endings in new beginnings. We're so happy to have you with thank you look at it didn't -- budget -- in the -- I know look at us write us. Looking great looking happy and that's what this -- is all about it's it's take two and how to how to capture that happiness he. And when you're going through it and we're all going through it because you know -- life changes on the way to happily ever after -- you know people get fired they get depressed disillusioned. The kids leave home maybe the kids come back home right. You know things happen and it doesn't turn out the way we had planned -- we had hoped as a just like in your business of the movie business. Take two is not a major re holiday like had to bring in a wrecking ball -- the level it tonight but it's just kind of fix a -- -- it's a chance to make it. Better so that's what I write about ways to make it better. I asked you off camera who should -- focus should read this book. Anyone gets lost you know sometimes we forget our music. And the -- to your song is bound to change because that's what life is about and if you can let go of that song you know there's something else over here. Dan you're going to be able to show up for yourself in the way that you need to fear really candid about your own struggles in the bathroom mom and and sort of the lessons that you've learned -- not an expert but you've you've been on a journey and so you have a great perspective that you call this not a memoir -- cult like support. It's life support you know it's part personal growth part self help. Advice and life lessons love lessons. It is a glimpse through my journey because I'm an expert on my life just as we all are on our own lives. And once you can grow your courage and show up for yourself and be proud of who you are. I think that's the biggest part of the journey so these are reminders on how to get there simple steps and you have so many great simple steps I do want -- Share -- you talk about finding pace setters. Role models I love the term yeah batters but you mention. -- -- oh my gosh we'll how many women looked to -- and for the best example of friendship and faith in. Always staying focused on hope and living in the power possibilities. And that's Robinson like talk about that as having a high goddess quotient -- nobody has a higher GQ with Enron then. Because she gives joy in receives joy and celebrates. The victories of others when you do that. You can watch victories coming to your own life. And it becomes free exercise or change muscle we get really good at changing you got really good at changing. Thank you thank you so much the name of the book everybody is take to your guide to creating happy endings and new beginnings and Lisa so happy to see you so. Happy thanks so that I don't must've blocked on the show kind of -- Did I heart my TV show that -- national hurricane status bill -- yes indeed great do you -- you honey.

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{"id":18410243,"title":"Leeza Gibbons on Juggling Her Career and Motherhood","duration":"2:56","description":"Talk-show host and author reveals tips for happy endings from her new book, \"Take 2.\"","url":"/GMA/video/leeza-gibbons-interview-book-juggling-career-motherhood-18410243","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}